Thank you to each and every one of you for joining me on this amazing journey. Thank you for sharing your families with me and allowing me to connect you with your loved ones in Heaven. I truly love each and every reading that I do.

Care To Share?

Please share your healing stories from your reading with Fara Gibson here so that others might find healing as well the confidence needed to schedule their very own reading.

12 + 11 =


All of the notes came through, thanks for sending them. Thank you also for the wonderful reading.

As mentioned before, each reading builds on the last. Since I had already been assured of who I was speaking with, a more nuanced exploration became possible. I have been kind of chuckling to myself since yesterday about some of what was said. Joel is a hoot, he was always like that. It all felt much more light hearted with the interchanges than the first couple of urgent readings.

I was amused to hear that my mother and Mary have gotten to know each other better on their side. I had wondered if my mother had been kind of coordinating things from her side, she was always the first one through. I am so grateful that she was able to help Mary to come through. Those 3 persons were, apart from Rebecca, are the ones that I had confided and shared  the most with in life.

It is so good to know that the bonds of love are not interrupted by their passing from this world to the next.  Most grateful for what you do. I hope to be able to touch base with my loved ones a couple of times a year, as long as your are available.




Thank you for sharing your special gifts with me. I have read both of your books and will read the third. The two I read were great.

You have such a nice way.

I am grateful to have connected with you. Thank you for giving me a little bit of peace on Earth. I still think of my loved one every single day and am still heartbroken but it is a blessing to know that they hear us and you were able to share that with me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Thank you so much for our reading.

It was a pleasure speaking with you and connecting with my Dad. It was amazing to hear from him and to receive the validation we needed to move on and heal. Have a wonderful night!

Leighann Grivnovics


Hi Fara,

Such a great reading yesterday!!! Can’t believe my father showed up, and pretty much said exactly what we thought. You are amazing, truly!

Thank you again,




All of you who are skeptics, this woman is the real deal. I will definitely be going back.

Thank you Fara!!



Thank you again for a beautiful reading and connecting me to my son, Alex.

I do hope you will record this beautiful song. It is my “Alex” song and has such special meaning for me and, I believe, for others who are grieving and miss their loved ones.

If you do you record this I would love to hear it. Sending you big love. ❤️?

You Are Not Alone https://g.co/kgs/qBu9VR

Suzanne Smith


Hi Fara,

I just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful reading last Thursday. I was so impressed with the level of connection you could make with my daughter, that I told my sister about you.

She then had a reading today with you and was equally impressed. You have such an amazing gift, I cannot believe you are not booked out a decade! It is so comforting to know my Mom and Daughter are together, and that they are happy, out of suffering, and still walking alongside me.

I’m still chuckling at Lacey calling me out for cutting her hair. I just knew she would have something to say about that!

Deanna Sattler




Fara Gibson you are truly beautiful. Your book is fantastic. The compassion and love for others and the sharing of your gift makes you shine. Im grateful to have gotten time with you. Thank you again.
Wishing you a wonderful new year
Erin Melder


We were at a reading with you on 26.11.2018 afternoon, that Candice Power has organized for us. WE means Anke and Peggy from Germany!
We had contact with the deceased brother of Peggy. (Spider – I killed his sign – hahaha) It was soooo amazing-crazy-awesome (I haven’t words for that) and since that day I have felt that it was a great relief and help for her (Peggy). Since that day she cries only rarely. She lights a candle every day.
I am so thankful that we were allowed to visit you so spontaneously! THANX! THANX! THANX so much!!
I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and many blessed days!

Greetings from Anke
(sorry for my mad english)




Fara is amazing! Such a kind caring soul. I went to her group reading today and she was spot on with everything! There is stuff that she could not have possibly known unless someone truly was in heaven telling her these things. She gave such detail and validation . I was so happy to hear from my loved ones and know they are okay. Fara is the real deal and can’t wait to have another reading in the future!♡

Author Unknown- No name attached ♥





So I went to see the medium, Matt Fraser, and did not receive a reading. Matt was wonderful and gave beautiful messages to those who seemed to really need them❤️I will not lie…tears all the way home. I have had some life saving readings from Fara Gibson in the past that i am grateful to have received from my Garrison❤️ and have sustained me…last night I can only image that Garrison was the perfect gentleman and let others have a chance at healing in their lives, that would be my son❤️I will most likely schedule another reading in the future with Fara, (I think he has a special spot in his heart for her as I do❤️). I want to thank all of you for your support❤️this is a safe haven for me…I’m so grateful to have a place to be me, to be Garrison’s mom, no filters, no editing, to just be understood…love and light to all of you very very special angel moms and dads?

Lisa Spencer


Thank you Fara. I’m still in awe over My reading. I really needed it at the moment. I will miss her forever but now I know she is truly with us. I love and miss My Baby Girl and I can’t wait to see her again ❤️

Frannie Villalba



Thank you for our time together today. So blessed to hear from my son. He’s funny, loving and a talker just like he was in human life form. You bridged that gap today. Thank you.
Lora Shewbridge

Ernie and Kristine Jackson/Psychic Medium Fara GibsonPsychic Medium Fara Gibson Visits HPH Phoenix/ScottsdaleKristine and I have been blessed to be in the presence of many mediums since Quinton transitioned. Each has their own style of sharing the God-given gifts that allow them to connect to spirit. Each has their own unique way of sharing what they sense from our loved ones on the other side and Fara is no different in that context. But she is different. I think all of us in the roomKristine and I showed up to the Helping Parents Heal meeting in Phoenix on November 18th. We wanted to catch with our friends and fellow parents with children across the veil. It just so happened that Fara Gibson was the guest. I knew Fara was a medium, but beyond that, I didn’t know anything about her. We were in for a treat.were taken by the strength of Fara’s connection and it follows, the information she shared with us. I was impressed by the confidence Fara had in the information she was receiving, and she had good reason to be confident.Fara wasn’t standing before us, a group of approximately sixty, for herself. She was there for us; it was beautifully obvious and warmed my heart. Fara wasn’t up there to put on a show or to receive accolades. She was there to share information that was in vital need of being shared. She was more than confident, she was direct, and she honored the information she received by not dismissing it, even if initially, those receiving the reading were having what I call, an Ernie moment of not remembering. This was a joy to see, and I can say, I have never seen the gift of mediumship shared with so much tenacity. This is the best adjective I can come up with, and this is the first time I have used it to describe a medium. She was a delight to watch.She reminded me, more than a little bit, of a detective but she wasn’t looking for information; she would keep sharing specifically what she received from spirit until the light bulb of recognition came on. That light bulb of recognition almost always did come on. She would stand there, telling the person who the information was for, what she received. If that individual didn’t remember, Fara would almost visibly step back, maybe share some other information and then come back to the initial bit of information, stating it in a slightly different way. In some cases, she may have had to do this three different times before the light bulb came on. This is what I mean by tenacity, and all of it was done with a loving kindness. Just beautiful and she did this detective like maneuver with at least three different individuals, maybe more.There was something else Fara did that I hadn’t witnessed before. There was a person there who was carrying guilt that she really didn’t need to hold on to. We know how it goes and many of us deal with this as well. This person’s child came through and addressed the guilt directly, naturally indicating there was no need for guilt; everything was as it was intended. But the person she spoke with still was heavy in guilt, and Fara said, “Give that guilt to me,” indicating she had guides and angels who would help dissolve that guilt. Fara then looked at her and said, “No, I am serious.” She stepped to the person and held out her hands and said, “Give me your guilt, I will take care of it,” and she touched her hands. This scene was so moving. I was moved to tears. I have never seen a medium do this before; it was so perfect.I dare say, Fara embodies Helping Parents Heal in that, in that we too (The co-founders, Board of Directors and Affiliate Leaders) want the same. We are not in it for ourselves. We are in it for you. We wish to take your grief, your pain, your guilt and replace it with a divine knowledge that our children are alive and well on the Other Side. This isn’t a belief or a hope; this is knowledge. This is factual.With all of our hearts, we wish to replace your pain with Love.Merry Christmas and Happy HolidaysI wish you all the best and feel free to contact me if you have questions. Dialogue is good. We are both teacher and student, each of us.

Ernie and Kristine
Quinton’s Dad and Mom



Thank you for today’s reading.
You gave me such peace and helped me process this recent loss. I am in awe of your ability and thankful to have crossed your path.

Nikki Criter



I knew it was Mike letting me know he was ready. Fara also told me that she had seen quite a few cardinals before the reading. My husband came through as perfect as he always was. He did not let us down with all that he came through with. He knew our plans for the week, and had even put a shell on the beach for me that was heart shaped. I treasure that shell. My youngest daughter has started dating since my husband passed, and her boyfriend was at the beach with us. He was a skeptic going into the reading, but was willing to be open a listen to what was coming through. Mike said that Zac was going on a trip out of state. Zac was joining the Navy and started boot camp in the Great Lakes area, definitely out of state since we live in VA. He said Zac was like a son to him, this made both my daughter and me feel great because we both love Zac. He also said that Zac was a skeptic, and that's ok. He is a skeptic no longer. It brought tears to his eyes to hear from Mike and to have his acceptance. Mike's cousin was there too, and he referenced her as same name, same name. She shares the name Diane with my daughter. Once again, a reading that on our first full day at the beach, made it an even more memorable trip because we knew he was there with us.


I could literally go on and on about the validations we received. My key motive for posting my testimonial is to let those who are thinking about doing a reading with Fara, know that it will be the best thing you can do for yourself. I'll admit that I wasn't heavy into the psychic or medium world until my husband was taking from me unexpectedly. I know that he brought me to her fb page. In connecting with Fara, she gave me the steps to really start my healing process. It takes time to get over the loss of a loved one, but when you know that they are still with you, and are given proof, it does make the healing process easier. Give yourself the gift of a reading. I promise you, you won't regret it.





Dear Fara,
My husband and I flew in from Nebraska to Mesa on August 22, 2018 to just get a reading from you. My friend Vickie and her daughter Brittany have been telling me stories for a year and a half.

WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?! The reading has been the best thing I have ever done in my life!!! I just LOVE YOU!!! Not just for yer abilities but as a person as well! That’s exactly what I told Vickie and Brittany that very night after you left.
I have thought of you daily since the reading. Hope I don’t sound corny but I just love you as a person! I wish I lived closer so we could be friends! I don’t have many anymore as I have gave up on close friendships except Vickie. Anyways…enough of that!
The reason I’m e-mailing you is to THANK YOU! I wish I could repay you for the healing you provided me and my husband about my Dad’s death. Can’t think of anything that could top what you did for ME!
I also wanted to THANK YOU for healing my daughter’s. Especially my younger one. I let them both read the notes and guess who was coming through. (I did this separately with both my girls). They both guessed who each one was. They both cried. But…my younger one forgave her G-pa finally and wanted to go to his resting place! (1st death anniversary is coming up next month) Absolutely amazing! Just by reading the notes you took helped her deal and heal. She has had the hardest time with G-pa’s suicide of all 3 of my kids. She has been mad at him like I was but no longer!
I finally sat down and read yer book today. Absolutely LOVED IT!!! If I had read it before I met you I would have thought you were a little Coo-Coo. Bahahahaha! My husband said if he wouldn’t had been there he never would have believed it.

Some day I hope to bring the whole family down! The first thing my younger daughter said is, “I want to go and talk to G-pa!”
I have to admit I’m a little jealous of yer AMAZING ability!!! I love helping people! Maybe in my next life! Lol!
Thanks again Fara!!! Bless you and yer Family!!!
Dee Pelster
Albion, NE






I have received all the attachments and have printed them out. thank you for sending them.
I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful reading. Such a great relief and so good to hear from my family and friends. You are simply amazing and a blessing to this world. I have shared what was discussed with my wife and father. My father wanted to know the name of your books, so he might be contacting you. He sounded pretty intrigued, even though he has believed that when your dead, your dead.

I will send you some photo attachments. Don’t know if you are interested in seeing them.
I will definitely want to do a follow up reading in a month or two to be able to find out more.
Thank you so much!

Steve Kakuske


Oh beautiful Fara….?
The gift you have, and the gift you gave us, is beyond AMAZING❣
The validations from my sweet daughter, that you passed on to me – to us – were ALL spot on and oh so beautiful!
Thank you for this very precious experience.
I will always remember all you shared, as I know it will help me continue to walk this new journey I have been given. ???
Darlene Cubillas McCarthy



Fara thank you so much for today. I read what you wrote down from my Dad and I went to buy a plastic sleeve to keep them in so I can keep the papers forever.
He was who I wanted to hear from and it meant so much that he knew I was there for him. You are amazing, thank you again
Frostee McCusker


Thank you very much for connecting me with dad today , you have an amazing gift and I will always keep this reading close to heart . The rosary moment is one to never forget , and my validation that he’s by my side , thank you Fara.
Rosie Arroyo



I wanted to follow up with you about the reading I had Bonnie Wilkes and my daughter Marcy. You said in your reading that my husband knew of my granddaughter getting first honors on her report card. She got her report card today and Yep she got first honors.
Also on the day of the reading you said something about a photo being flipped over. It made no sense to me at the time, but I completely forgot that the photo I have of my deceased father in law is on my dresser and right before your reading that picture fell over and I remember asking him if he was with his son. One of the reasons my husband was so screwed up was because of his parents never wanting him he had a very abusive childhood. I thought you would like to know that you are a great psychic medium. Your words that day brought me some comfort. I actually feel today that what you said about my husband truly loving me was very real.
Again Fara God bless you.

Bonnie Wilkes




Thank you For a great reading today hopefully I will be able to stop the thoughts of doubt in head and heart and believe that my husband did love me the best he knew how I need to believe that my marriage was not a fake. God bless you on this amazing gift you have
Bonnie Wilkes




Hello Fara,
I feel so very blessed to have had that hour with you and my son yesterday. It was magical, and felt very other-worldly to me. I have talked to two of my sisters, one of whom had been a skeptic of the first order. I think you may have brought her around! She said she didn’t think she would be, but she was very impressed by the detail. I also spoke with the lady who was in the truck with Chris, who didn’t get hurt, and she was very thankful for my sharing it with her. She said she talks to Chris a lot.
Chris’s kids and their mom are coming back from their roadtrip tomorrow night and want to be with me when I share with all of them.
So, Fara, you have touched many lives with this one reading. Sending you love, and blessings for a Merry Christmas. (And also sending a special wish for your daughter on her day-after-Christmas birthday!)

Carol Breeze



Fara, thank you so very much for the reading this evening. I have to say that you were spot on. You mention things that know one else would have know, for that I thank you for confirming that our loved ones live on.




I don’t have words to thank you for channeling our little Brandon and gradma and great grandpa the other day, and the comfort we felt during and after our reading. We will treasure these notes forever.






Well it has been a whole 5days since my latest reading with you and I remain so happy and comforted . I always wonder what my husband Steve will have to talk about since the prior readings. What I now know beyond any shadow of a doubt that it is like having a conversation after he came home from work so to speak. He was first to come through and wanted me to know that he sees the struggle I am having with my Cochlear Implant to work. He also knew that they are talking about trying 2 different kinds of aids. They are allowing me to continue to wear one hearing aid on one ear and the implant on the other. He said I have really been struggling and that is not an understatement and that “I’m with you”. I feel this Fara and know that he is indeed with me and watching. The issues he mentioned were not an issue in March when we last spoke. Also since that March reading he brought up that I had been having a few more issues with my “chest” area/heart. He is watching over this. I am currently wearing a 30 day event monitor because of the issues he mentioned . “your were also having leg/back pain” and he has been there every step. Steve also continued to my surprise and gaping open mouth, that I was going to make a trip to California to my daughter’s homes. My brother and I had just decided to make this trip the Monday prior to my reading Wednesday. Talk about hot off the press !! He said he would be on that trip as well. Sigh…He then started talking about the back yard and that he loved that I cut down the tree and trimmed the bushes back. Ok I paid for it but I didn’t do the work. Sweet man not to mention that part. He wanted to send his love to our granddaughters and mentioned the one I will be seeing soon in California. He said “My love to our granddaughters. One Granddaughter loves to be on stage so to speak.” Loves to speak, dance and sign and I love it> She is very creative.” Yes she does and has my daughter record her and send me her performances. I love it too !! He also mentioned that our other daughter doesn’t speak much to me. “I see this from Heaven.” Ye s he was correct. He also knew I was thinking about moving “for a season” to stay closer to my daughters. WOW !! He not only sees from Heaven but hears and listens too !! I can’t tell you how that relieves my heart as I speak to him everyday. I know he hears and listens. He then brought my Mom up. She just passed this last February and he brought her to our “chat” in March. She said “you passed my table down to one of my Grandchildren. I love that he has it.” That is the reason for the trip to California is to take Mom’s things and also to take the furniture my Dad made to them. I did indeed give the dining room table and chairs to my nephews in Florida . Then she mentioned that “I just took her to Florida. I need to send my love there. You were in Florida and I was with you.” “You are taking some of my things to California to the girls. I will be with you on that trip”. My goodness I guess my brother and I better get the big trailer. Actually he has a 4 person cab in his pick up so there will be plenty of room for both Steve and Mom. LOVE IT. I also feel so comforted that Steve and my Mom, Dad and my first husband are hanging together. They were so close and obviously still are. While I gave my girls some of Mom’s jewelry I also gave my niece in Washington State a lot as well. Several pieces were broken and she is making some jewelry and shadow boxes with a lot of it. Mom knew of this and mentioned that she loves it. My Mom, bless her heart, was an honest to God hoarder in her life here. Those genes also were handed down to my middle daughter. LOL She mentioned to you Fara, that “I am clearing out my house right now. You have done an amazing job. I had quite the mess. I had stuff I hadn’t even opened”. That was a mouthful and so very true although since for the past 5-6 years, Steve, myself and Mom all lived in her house to take care of her. It wasn’t just Mom’s mess but Ok mostly. LOL I felt 25 pounds of stress off my shoulders just knowing she was OK and happy I was doing this. Whew
She also talked about my painting the house and that is my next project. I have already purchased the paint. in all my current health issues I was shocked that Mom (good ole Mom’s) knew I was having symptoms and some bleeding from my bowels. She let me know just how much she knew by saying ” They will be talking about a colonoscopy for you. we are aware of this for you.” Talk about a big hug from Mom from Heaven. She said she would be with me. That “Mom talk” was just what I needed. Fara, remember she said something about my lunching with Ladies ? Well when I told my girls about this reading and that I had no idea what she was talking about, my daughter asked if she could be referring to a seminar I had gone to a couple of Saturday’s before that was put on by the manufacturer of my Cochlear implant. They did have lunch set up outside the room for the next group. They had breakfast for our group. That has to be it. One mystery solved. They weren’t able to help me with the “Horses” that are waiting for me in Heaven according to Steve. I’ll keep thinking on it. The huge and truly emotional shock for me was that Mom brought forth my Grandmother. I couldn’t control my tears and my heart was racing !!! I have talked to a medium several years ago and my Grandmother didn’t come through. She was without a doubt one of the most loved and influential people in my life. She passed away when I was 10 years old and I have wanted to hear from her so very badly. She had Breast Cancer and in 1964 there were really not so many if any from medicine. We had a bond that I can only wish to have with my grandchildren. So many emotions were flying through my head at that point, I can’t even tell you. She came forward and said “I was sick at the end of my my life. Your Mom helped to take care of me when I was sick. I moved at the end of my life for care. I moved close to you. You helped so much with my care”. Ok, now I’m in full tears. I did spend almost every weekend with her and most vacations to care for her. When she could not live at her house any longer she sold her house and She, my Mom and Dad built an apartment on the back of our house. She was the reason I went into Medicine as a nurse. I decided when she passed that I wanted to do that with my life. She then said “I loved that you went into the medical field”. She then mentioned that I had her ring and loved that I had it. “You wear it from time to time”. Yes I do have it and I do wear it from time to time. The diamond in the center is over 100 years old and I don’t wear it more often as I’m afraid I’ll lose the stone. LOL She said” You weren’t allowed to be there when I passed. I know you wanted to be there.” Yes, so very true Grandma. It was the first tragedy I had experienced and at 10 years old I think I thought at the time I could have made it not happen 🙁 She also mentioned I have some of her baking/cooking old pans/dishes. I love that you have them after all this time.” “You have passed down cooking with the Grandchildren. I’m proud of that.” just going over again the things she said have me in tears again, but tears of joy. She then said ” I love you so so much. You have my old clothing as well.” OK remember I said I wasn’t sure about the clothing? Well, yesterday I ran across a box of letters my Mom had saved (along with so much else remember 😉 ) and opened it and started reading them. I truly felt like both Mom and Grandma were with me. At the bottom was a letter Grandma’s sister had written to her and she mentions in the letter that she has to get going and get the letter posted because she wanted Grandma to get the Apron she had made for her ASAP. OMGosh !! The Apron was there too. Unbelievable. I am sending a picture of the Apron and a picture of my Grandmother taken just a couple of months before she passed. You can see by the look on my face (tall girl with dark dress on. My 10 year old self LOL ) She said I would be going to the beach. She will be with me at the beach!! Can’t wait !! She says that she is with her oldest daughter in Heaven who passed young. My grandmother never ever got over her passing. She passed from a scorpion bite she got while in bed. No drugs that could help at that point in history. She said ” It was unexpected. She is perfect now”. My precious grandmother taught me to sew very young. I started out with her having me sit on her lap at the machine while we carefully took my Barbie Doll outfits apart and used them as a pattern. We would sew and sew and I learned to make up my own patterns for outfits. From there she taught me to help her make clothes for me. Grandma said “I loved to sew in life. We sewed together. You made blankets and I’m so proud of you. You’ve done well with all I taught you.” “You have the red tomato pin cushion. I love that you saved it.” ” You gave blankets for the Grandkids, you have made Halloween costumes as well.” “You do a great job.” All the things I ever dreamed of that I would want to hear from her she brought up. Then she totally surprised me at how long she truly has been watching me and with me by saying “You don’t have a Big Trip planned yet but you wanted to go to Ireland and I’ll join you on that trip. You wanted to go for a long time.” I didn’t start wanting to go to Ireland until about 20 years ago and each year it has been more and more of a pull. My hearing has kept me back for the past couple of years but I am planning on Grandma and I going in May of next year.
Fara, with all the lessons I have learned and experienced prior to knowing you, I know I would never have been this far on my journey without you helping guide me and everyone else who follows you. I followed you for a couple of years and would read some of the stories to Steve. Between your awesome books ( I read one of your special poems at my Mom’s funeral) and my own readings where there is no way you would have known so much about my personal like. I don’t write about my life or heartbreaks on Face Book or anywhere. You have brought that comfort and knowledge to not only me but some many others. I cry and laugh and feel for so many of the people you help. I am able to feel whole again and happy. Sure I still have bad days, however, they are much fewer. When I have those bad days I think of how many wonderful days I have and the signs I see and feel from Heaven. The last comment from Steve last Wednesday was so amazing although I knew in my heart it was true the minute it happened. I was sleeping and I felt like someone was shaking me. That’s is extremely scary for me being so deaf. I opened my eyes and next to me on his side of the bed, Steve was laying there. Not whole but kind of watery and wavy but really Steve. I just laid there and we watched each other for just a moment. He smiled at me and then was gone. I know people will think I’m crazy but it was completely different than when he has come in a dream. His last words to me on Wednesday were: “I woke you up the other night. That was me. I was at your side. I love you <3 <3 <3 WOW !! Just WOW !!! Thank you is not big enough to express to you how much you mean to mean to me and so many thousand’s of us. Love to you and to your awesome husband, Jim, and the girls for sharing you with us. After 53 years without her, you also have now given me my grandmother !!!!
Marcella Curry


I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful reading last night. Mom and I cannot stop talking about it!! This is definitely something we will remember for the rest of our lives. You have an amazing gift. Thank you beyond words Fara <3
Kiley Gilbert



Fara…thank you for a wonderful experience last night for myself an…d my family. It was very comforting to know the people and pets we love so much in life have stayed connect to us after death. After you left, we were able to figure out the open questions from the reading and enjoy the notes you provided. We figured out the balloon reference. I was skeptical but you changed my mind and heart. Thanks again!

Lisa Matykiewicz


Hi Fara

I just want to first say THANK YOU so much for the amazing reading – You provided so many validations that my husband and I knew you were talking with Sawyer. My husband is now a huge believer (and he wasn’t going into the reading!)

I wanted to provide you some info on the validations you shared:

First, Sawyer (my 5 year old son) did graduate to heaven on May 6th of this year. We were on the last day of a family vacation in FL. when he got out of the house we were renting and we found him in the pool. There are compliance issues with the home – 1. Pool alarms did not work on the door and 2. The actual lock on the door was broke (we had been locking it all week and didn’t realize it wasn’t actually latching. We estimate it was about 10 minutes that he was outside and have played the “why’s” over and over again in our heads hourly of everyday. You validated a vision that Sawyer had shown me in mid-August – he came to me early in the morning while I was in a state between sleep and awake and he showed me him backing up playing with a bungee cord ball on his wrist – the pool was kidney shaped – and he was backing up to make room to throw the ball and his foot slipped in because the pool widened at that point and he just forgot. You had said this was not intentional, he didn’t get in the pool on purpose and his foot just slipped in.

My husband did jump in, but I was a step ahead of him on reaching the pool – note, my husband also does not swim..they did CPR with my husband and my dad – some neighbors showed up – one was a female lifeguard (I didn’t even know that – but you did and my husband confirmed it for me!) EMT’s showed up and got a low heartbeat and pulse back and flew him to the hospital where Dave and I had to make difficult decisions and I laid with him in a bed for a few hours holding him until he passed – very few people know those details outside of our family – but you knew!

The references to Superman – Sawyer wore a superman Tshirt at his service/funeral AND I wore the exact same matching shirt under a sweater that was his older brothers – Sawyer loved to match his older brothers! But if you weren’t at the funeral you wouldn’t know what he was wearing and certainly wouldn’t know about my matching shirt under my sweater!

Sawyer’s funeral service was HUGE (as he said) – it actually was far larger than Dave and I ever expected – it was an amazing outpouring of all the lives Sawyer had touched even at the young age of 5.

“Someone flew in honor of me – an airplane” – We had to arrange for Sawyer to be transported home – we have a neighbor friend who works for the airlines and had made sure the guys on the ground knew how special Sawyer was – I have pictures of the ground workers bowing their heads in prayer as Sawyer was being put on the plane and I was kept updated thru out his journey – again nobody but a few know that information so that was amazing!

The Bench reference – Sawyers daycare provide had a bench installed in the park she took the kids to daily – Sawyer had a time out bench (he was always a bit spirited) she put his bench with a plaque on it (with a superman symbol) in that park where his time out bench was. I did not know until I asked her that they did do a dedication with all the daycare kids and some other adults! My family took a bike ride over to the bench which is about 5 miles from us. Everything you said matched up – again amazing!

Sawyer kept saying Red, Red, Red, Red to you – Red was his favorite color AND Dave was holding a small pillow we had taken from the rental house that Sawyer had slept on every night while on vacation – it was in Dave’s lap – WOW!

I do wear Sawyer daily on my neck – I have a thumbprint imprint that the hospital provided us – I never take it off – Amazing again!

You mentioned we were talking about going back to FL – you were actually correct – although we would rather not step foot in the state again we will be forced to go back for our lawsuit in court with the owners of the home. Nobody knows that information!

Sawyer does still have a room in our home – I sleep in there many nights and his older brothers who are 8 and 11 often come sit in there or sleep with me!

Moana was his favorite show – and he loved the music – he made all the daycare kids learn it and they all sang it daily!

We did receive a windchime from a neighbor for Sawyer and it hangs in our front porch.

You mentioned Dave around his tires or brakes of his work truck – that one threw me…but when I looked at Dave he was crying hard – he has been checking his tires regularly because he had a slow leak in one of his tires – WOW!

You mentioned moving furniture – Dave had just been downstairs right before the reading and had moved the family room furniture to vacuum – WOW!

You even knew about our other babies in heaven that Sawyer was with – I’ve never talked to my boys about it but we’ve had 3 miscarriages during our marriage – very few people in our lives even know that – WOW again!

You brought so much comfort and peace to Dave and myself and both sets of grandparents and my daycare provider and closest friend – I can’t say enough wonderful things about you – you are truly a blessing and helped me to make a bit of a turn on this lifelong grief journey I am now on. I know now without a doubt that the symbols are real and he is with me always – this time in our physical bodies is but a moment in time.

I’m attaching a pic of Sawyer at Universal the day before his accident

And a pic of him with Captain America just a few days before his accident (who he told you he had met…he is with his two older brothers!)

Also a pic of what I saw in my driveway the morning after our reading when I was walking out to the garbage can and I heard “look down” – a perfect heart with a backwards “S” in it – which is exactly how Sawyer was writing his “S”. He would have started kindergarten this year..

Thank You so much and feel free to share any of this info to help others who may not be to a point of fully believing.

Holly G.



To the person who gifted me a free phone reading,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Gifting me a reading to hear from my Dad is probably one of the nicest things that anyone has ever done for me! And I am not saying this lightly or flippantly. What a gift! Definitely an irreplaceable one. Fara so wonderfully did my reading last night. I wanted to write you a thank you note right away. But I just couldn’t as I spent most of last night and through the night and this morning just soaking up everything that transpired. It was absolutely amazing! Words cannot even begin to describe. My dad was killed in a car wreck at the end of last year. We never knew exactly how my dad’s wreck happened. But we’ve been able to piece things together. And what we have pieced together is pretty much exactly what my dad told Fara last night. Just a validation from my dad to a person that wouldn’t have a clue about any details of the wreck is absolutely precious beyond words. And how spot on every detail that she presented to us was.I can’t begin to tell you the depth to which it has touched my soul. I’ve known from the moment I found out about his passing that he was in heaven and and it just feels so good to hear things from him and for it to be validated that he is still with me even though I can’t see him. Just beautiful! So while your random act of kindness might not seem like a big deal to you… Please trust me when I say it is an EXTRAORDINARY deal. And has inspired me on so many levels. You are on my prayer list in a BIG way. With all sincerity I am praying that God blesses you beyond measure in EVERY way. And from the title of a song that my sweet dad wrote….”My Heart Can’t Tell You What It Thinks”. Thank you so much! You really blessed me beyond words!! ♥️?❤️???

Anna Keeling-Willcox




Thank you Fara…it was amazing…so many things she said that no one would have known…and we asked Paul to bring up the bracelet as we were waiting to call….and he did…truly wonderful…I have a little bit of peace in my heart today

Beth St Andre



Fara, I want to thank you for last nights reading. I want to recap on some things if I may. Last night was about our Mom. We all prayed for our loved ones to assist her healing by providing hope, comfort and some understanding. I was skeptical initially, but hopeful and open minded. I truly believe there are people who are gifted, I just wasn’t sure if you were one of them. I’m a very Spiritual person….my Faith is strong, however I’m not a fan of organized religion for various reasons. I admired your post about Spirituality and Religion. Anyways, last night a lot of our questions were answered. My mother wanted to have confirmation on my fathers passing, my sister wanted to know about her babies (the 4 that dad had in heaven), Brandie needed to know that dad was still watching over her ( which he was with her personal struggles with her health and relationship), and I needed to know if my loved ones were together and if our 4 legged family members were with us as well. I was hoping that daddy would confirm it was him who visited me in my dreams, delivering me two messages, and sent signs through lights and birds. I believe they are him, I was just hoping he would tell me so last night. He gave me other validations. I truly believe the pillow is dads cat. She always slept with him, him only, and now she is with mom. He really never slept with a pillow, but he always slept with her. Mom and dad slept in opposite rooms due to different sleep cycles and work schedules. The critter…..well….there was a coyote in mom’s backyard (huge fence he had to jump to show himself at the door). Dad used to feed the momma and her litter. He was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to feed them due to a lame leg. That coyote was starring at mom over a week ago when she opened her back door. I believe that was a sign from daddy. I thought so from the first time mom told me. I also believe that it was my mom’s father in his Army uniform saluting. I went home to look at my memorial frame with him and his awards, his WWII ribbon shining underneath. He was always in his uniform. I called mom, I truly think that it was all of her family coming through to put her heart at peace. My dad loved her family as much as he loved his own. My daddy’s hat you mentioned, is hanging on his pool stick next to my nightstand…..I was hoping he would mention it, that’s why I didn’t want to say what it was hanging on, but the hat was enough. I brought it and his ashes with me on my trip. He and I were going to go to Nebraska together……I spread some of him at one of his favorite places. The ornaments, we were stuck on, my daughter did circle a Remembering Always that she wanted. I pass ornaments every year to the kids in the family, it’s my tradition. I have a memory tree that I have pictures and ornaments that represent a loved one who has passed. You were stuck on the first date…..my son was out with a girl who likes him, he likes her, for the first time last night….he does not classify it as a date, but my dad would. THANK YOU!!!! My grandma….validated thing even more, and my uncles~haven’t changed a bit!!! My mom had a new light shinning within in her, she was at peace for the first time in a long time. I am forever grateful, it will be an evening I will cherish for the rest of my life. You are blessed~MICHELLE



I just wanted to thank you. You gave us so much peace and comfort. I talked to my mom this morning, and I could tell in her voice that you gave her the healing that she needed.
I plan on having another group reading (probably next year, so you can’t move away! Lol). I would like other family members to recieve the comfort you provided us.
Again, I am so thankful for you.




Oh my gosh Fara, that was simply amazing! We have been sitting here talking about all the validations and the wonderful feeling of knowing that our daughter is with us!
We were thinking about the lights blinking after the call and figured it out. My Mom bought a plant for us for Alanna’s service and to take home after that had a string of lights on it. Unfortunately no matter what I’ve done, I can’t seem to keep the plant alive and removed the string of lights and put them on an artificial flower arrangement we have sitting by the fireplace. They run on batteries and I forgot to shut them off at night. By all sense of reasoning, the batteries should have ran out within a few days. Every so often, I’ll come home from work and the lights will be on, and they had burnt out long ago! Also sometimes when we are sitting in the living room, they will blink and turn off and on! It’s our daughter!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! You mentioned so many things that only we would know as well as the comfort of knowing she left her body at the time of impact, such a comfort for us. Bless you for sharing your gift with us left to grieve the loss of our loved one!
Carry Sanderson




Hi Fara,
Thank you for your reading today. Skeptic no more!! I knew she was with us, but not to the degree that you showed us. I am typically a closed off person, which is why I was skeptical, but happy to have a new perspective after your reading. You gave us some clarity to things we had some doubt about and brought smiles to our faces and hearts.
Thank you again
Jason Sanderson



Hi Fara,
Thanks again for meeting with us and connecting us with Christina. Prior to the reading my wish was that it would provide comfort to my children, Austin and Kylie. It did, and beyond my expectations! They were hurting and this has been the only thing that has helped. Just know you have made a positive difference that will span their entire lifetime. I am forever greatful! This has helped everyone in attendance, myself included. I will be seeking your services in the future, when I feel it would be good for us to reconnect with Christina.




Fara, Thank you for one of the most special experiences in my life and my families. Losing my sister was heartbreaking for us, but the gift you gave to us today , the peace we now feel is unbelievable

Renee Wilson



Thank you so much Fara for a very special evening of laughs, tears, and clarity as I’ve struggled with the loss of my parents for some time. There were things you pointed out, both distant and recent, that could have not been found via any other way but your special gift. It meant a lot to me and I will definitely refer you to friends who are seeking healing as well!

Eric Cohen


Hey beautiful chica! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the healing and love you helped Eric convey to my best friend, Tricia, and his wife, Tracy. I truly love you and your amazing gift!!

Michelle Herr


I am so truly grateful for this… he is my little brother, we’ve all had such a difficult time dealing with this and still struggling. I really didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel until yesterday with you Fara. It also eases my heart a little for my brother’s wife and kids AZ it’s been so difficult to watch them go through this and mourn for my brother. Eric wasn’t just my brother he was also my best friend. He lived a really full life but wasn’t long enough. I know someday it will get easier to cope with but I would have to say this is Ben the most horrific thing that’s ever happened to me in my life. Thank you again Fara. You will be hearing from us again as well as other family members. Love you

Tricia Shoemaker


You gave me something very special today. You helped put my soul at ease. Maybe now I will be able to sleep. He is the love of my life, my rock, my best friend. I have been completely lost without him. It was him, the kids, and me against the world. It’s going to take quite awhile before this doesn’t feel like a nightmare. I just wanted to thank you.

Tracy Barr


Fara, honestly, this was so very amazing. I am still lost for words. I needed this so much. I have been struggling with everything I ever believed. About my faith. About this world. About people. This boy was the precious beginning of my everything. And my soul is bleeding rivers without him. Needing to KNOW that there is more after this physical life. Thank you so much.

Angel Hamilton



I’m typing thru tears as I have to “THANK YOU” for the reading my daughter April Kordyak had with you on this past Tuesday. This morning was the first chance we’ve had to talk about it because of her work schedule and time zone difference. My late husband gave specific messages to you that were to be passed on to me and my 2 other daughters. The joy I feel with the validations that was given by him is extremely appreciated & overwhelming! I commented on one of your post that “you are the best” because you are! I’ve had readings from very prominent psychic mediums, taken classes and workshops with them too. You surpass them by all far. I could go on & on with praises to you but of course I know you probably already know them. I AM so very grateful for you and your work! May the blessings you give to others be returned to you ten fold. ?

Kathy Kordyak-Gallager


Hi Fara,

It’s been a month since my reading. I wanted to follow up on some stuff.

Jerry’s 34th angiogram went well although they had to put a 10th stent in his donor heart. He’s good though.

You had mentioned that Jerry’s father had heart problems and we said no and that he had died of cancer. Later in the evening when we were talking about it, Jerry remembered his Dad did have quadruple bypass surgery years before his cancer. I only met his Dad once when Steven was a toddler. (Jerry had been a client of mine way before we ever dated.)

My Mom mentioned twice about a lost ring. I said that I had never lost anything of hers. So, I texted my sister-in-law, Deborah, in New Jersey. I told her about what Mom said. She called me immediately and was laughing. Mom gave her a ring which Deborah said is “missing” from her jewelry box.

I keeping getting signs from Steven…lots of coins and lately, for the last 2 weeks, a black butterfly with yellow on the edges of its wings has been visiting me in our backyard. I know it’s Steven. For several months after Steven died, I’d hear at night what I thought was Jerry talking to me. Things like, ‘can you hear me?’, ‘are you still up’ and it sounded like Jerry’s voice. He said he was sleeping and it wasn’t him. So, I have come to believe that that has been a way of how Steven has tried to communicate with me. So, our 12.5 year old dog, Hailey had surgery last week and has had some side effects that have been difficult and keeping us up. She is fine now, but 2 nights ago, when I was listening for Hailey to see if she was throwing up or having accidents, I heard Jerry’s voice saying something about checking out Hailey. Sure enough, she did have a big accident upstairs and since Jerry was sleeping, I KNOW it was Steven telling me about Hailey.

You had said something in an email to me that Steven would be present in our lives now and throughout the time we are all together in heaven. Very reassuring that we won’t ever lose contact with our beloved son.

A thought came to me, if Steven knows everything going on with us, etc., it sort of makes him seem God-like. So be it. I accept it.

This is the eve of my 70th birthday. I was actually born on Mother’s Day in 1947. While I miss my Steven, my birthday and Mother’s Day will be a lot more bearable since I know he will be with me. Thank you for teaching me that.

And one last thing…be prepared to hear from a lot of Los Angeles people. I’ve shared my reading with my GriefHaven grief counseling group and they all asked for your information. And, my Alanon sponsees are also interested. And I know a friend of mine is having a reading with you soon.

I know your readings are so healing, so I hope all of my friends get the opportunity to benefit from your incredible gift.

With love and gratitude,

Helen Sands



I know you know already, but I will never be able to thank you and Brandy for yesterday! I got the best sleep last night than I’ve had in weeks.

Thank you for continuously sharing your gift with everyone! ?
Ashley Elizabethtown


This morning I baked a cake for my adopted grandbaby
And I realized that I do in fact have my grandmothers aprons which would explain the pulling at the hip with clothing? thanks again for last night

Evelyn Kodman


Oh Fara! Sunday with you was so remarkable! I love that you got Tucker to come through so beautifully! It was so him! The beach and golf and that he was circled in love as he passed. It’s amazing that you read how each one passed so accurately. And compassionately! And at the end when you mentioned the cat we named after him! Well that was the cherry on the ice cream sundae! We always knew that Tucker somehow arranged for the perfect cat to come into our lives. Someone to pour our love onto, this cat is amazing. Walks on a leash, sits, stays, lays down, fetches. And a kitty with attitude. Sometimes it’s like Tucker jumps into the cat’s body & snuggles his love for us.

Anyhow, it was such a treat to watch the other folks receive their messages. What a blessed gift you have. Thank you again for reinforcing our knowing that he is always with us. Hugs.

Scotty Miller


Dear Fara,

I cannot tell you how uplifted I feel from our beautiful reading with you last night. I tend to be somewhat of a skeptic, but I have been following you on your Facebook page for 2.5 years now. I absolutely knew you were the real thing and had no doubts about your abilities when I booked our Skype reading. You came up with some validations that only our lost loved ones would have known about. These were things that I didn’t post on my FB either. I am in awe of your gift. There was a lot of healing for us and some closure. My heart feels lighter.
I let both of Steven’s girlfriends know that I got their messages to him. Liz was blown away that he had her pet rat in heaven. Jen, the woman he lived with the last year of his life, was happy to hear his comments as well. Also, my best friend, Elaine, was in hearing distance of our conversation last night. We’ve been close friends for 2 years now and she never had the privilege of meeting Steven, but whenever she finds feathers, she gets messages from Steven to give to me along with the feathers. She feels she knows him and she keeps his name alive in so many of our conversations.
I had been apprehensive whether Steven would show up or not because in our GriefHaven grief counseling group, there was a local medium who came by to do readings. There are 12 sets of parents in the group and the first time, only 6 got read. So, on the 2nd night when she came back, she wound up reading us last…and that was because Steven seemed to be reluctant to speak to her. She had to really dig and she did come up with some things that were valid and healing. But nothing like you did last night. And Steven appeared to you within 12 seconds….he was sure ready this time! And it was icing on the cake to hear from my Mom, Dad and Jerry’s Dad. And I am ecstatic that Steven has Bogey and Abby with him. Both blue merle (black and grey) Aussies – Bogey full size and Abby, a mini Aussie. You were right on target with that.
I am forever grateful to you. I wish I could give you a big, warm hug in person, but I am in Los Angeles. So, a cyberhug will have to do.

With gratitude and love,
Helen (and Jerry) Sands-Saklad




What an amazing experience! I am filled with love and peace. I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful gift! There were so many intricate details you could not have gotten anywhere but from Nick! It felt AMAZING to have him there with me and to hear from him! Thank you!

Tonya Fainter


Thank you so much Fara. For giving the chance to reach and contact him 🙂
I am so happy about the things I’ve heard from you.
Best wishes.


Hi Fara,
Thank you so much for the reading. There were so many validations that we are still wrapping our brains around. This will definitely help in our healing process and know that he is always around us.
Thank you,
John and Pauline


I can’t thank you enough for your gift. My heart aches not having her physically with me….. that I needed to learn my new normal again. I will read this all the time and focus on that when I get too lost in my grief. Will definitely be getting another reading…. Was so nice to hear her Spitfire

Natalie Gerron



Thank you again, Fara. I have received the most beautiful gift from Walter through you…the fact that He is with me all the time and I really feel His presence. I miss him so much, but I am sure He knows that. He is indeed the love of my life, my light, my everything. My love for Him has grown so much since He left that I feel my heart overflowing. You are a true gift for being the messenger of LOVE from our loved ones.
Alina M Paula


I received the book two days ago and immediately started reading. Four chapters later I realized I hadn’t looked away from the book once. I made myself slow down to savor it. I love your stories and validations, Fara. How sweet of you to share your beautiful readings!
Marlene Eldemire


I made the remembering Wanda jar.with her picture on it as big as the jar. Lots of family and friends wrote fun things she did. After Dinner we all went in the living room and her sister read all the things. No tears just laughing. For one hour there was thirty five of my family remember Wanda. I did not know how I was going to do the first Christmas that she was not here but you know what she was with us. When I get the money I’m going to get one of your books. I also gave myself to God today as a gift to him for his Birthday. And a gift for Wanda she knows now that mom will be with her forever. That you for talking about making that Jar.
Charlene Johnson


Fara, I can’t even begain to tell how thankful I am for you, and this letter from Heaven. I needed this today. I cryed through the whole letter . But at the end they were happy tears. And so my heart does not feel as heavy as it has been. What a blessing you have been to me. I can’t thank you enough . You are the most beautiful angel that God has sent to help me throughout this journey I’m on. Merry Christmas to you and your family. .. for I will never forget what you have given me . And that was a reason to live.. Thank you…
Hope Uptegrove



Mrs. Gibson Kandy Lipp is my mother. I cannot begin to tell you how right you are about the amount of pain my mother and the rest of my family endured at the loss of so many loved ones in such a short period of time. But more than just the passing of each of them was the suffering we all watched each other succumb to in their own ways to deal with the loss. Our lives were all changed and so we each as people were changed individually and collectively. What you do for people, what you did for us, is so big! You help to create a bridge from the pain and the torment toward understanding and healing. This poem is for you thank you.

“Knowing the Medium”
Through your work i see a delicate but strong person,
Loving and kind to the lost who are searching,
The softness of your heart is the definition of love,
A spirit made for healing sent down from above,
With a wisdom so great and beyond your years,
You share it with the world to help us work through the tears,
The beauty that god has placed in your soul,
Is a light in the darkness i just thought you should know.

Ben Penewell


Fara I was at one of your events and I left in shock,I was sitting in the front row in your house.I had went in hopes of hearing from my children but you told me about my mother and husband who had sit by my side during my open heart surgery.I was in shock you see because when my mom was dying she called out all of her childrens name there was 11 of us but she did not call my name and when I sat in front of her she was scared because she did not know who I was.That has hurt me for 35 years and when you looked at me and said a woman is coming through she says you are her daughter,I melted she did know me and acknowledged me at your house.My husband came through worried about my health,I have hated myself for 26 years because I had to diconnect life support from my husband and have felt guily every day since up until you told me he was with me while I was fighting to live in the hospital.I can never thank you enough for what you did for me and hopefully soon I will be able to come to another event.I took so long in writing you because I still get emotional for how much you have helped me.Thank you Fara you are amazing.

Janice McKinley Gilmore



I’m still in awe over my reading. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about it. I talk to my daughter daily & feel closer than ever to her. She talked to me during the reading ( she never spoke in her life) & said things that only we would know. So thankful for you Fara! And Vicky too!! Oh yes…BTW…I ordered your book today for a Cyber Monday gift to myself. When I finish reading it, I have a special person in mind whom I’m going to pass it on to. ((love))
Joan M Cook


I also had a reading last week. I went into it feeling slightly skeptical and came out a believer. Fara you are amazing. Thank you so much. Here is some more honesty for you. People told me that obviously I would be unwittingly feeding you information that you would then ‘read’ back to me. (Remember, even Alex said that Dad was somewhat of a skeptic.) So I had a voice recorder on through our whole conversation. We have listened and listened to the recording and even Dad had to admit that nope, I didn’t feed you anything. It ALL came from Alex. So thank you again.

Diana Fritz


I received my beautiful gift of a reading from Fara. I was so speechless with everything she had to relay about the passing of my son, and our family that he watches over! It was a true blessing. I felt like my son was right in front
of me speaking. She knew of things only our immediate family would have known. I will ALWAYS TREASURE this reading❤❤❤❤❤❤❤. I can’t wait to read the new book!! (( HUGS))
Jill Kornberg Schmitz


Thank you so much. The love and overwhelming comfort I felt during my reading was more powerful then I can put into words. Thank you so much for all you do to help ease the pain in the hearts of so many. The time alone that you give unselfishly to complete strangers is a testimony to your soul. Thank you from the my heart.
Kandy Lipp


Hello Fara, I borrowed your new book from a co-worker and was very moved by your honesty, insight and truth! This same co-worker just had a reading from you recently and can’t stop talking about how on target you were. So I just wanted to reach out and say thanks for all you do.
With Peace,
Deb Swagerty


I had a In Home visit with Fara. It was “Amazing.” My Fiance expressed her gratitude for playing “Amazing Grace” at her Life Celebration. There were indeed two Life Celebrations and at both Amazing Grace was performed. My Fiance then expressed her love of singing hymnals, which is indeed the case as Dee’s passion was singing in church and in her choir group. There were so many things Fara said that only Dee would know. I know that Dee wants me to move on and live fully and experience love in this world while I am here. Thanks Fara for your empathy, and your encouragement.
Brian Cristall



I’m so blessed to have a Beautiful Friend Vicky Griffith who has gifted me a reading! She has changed my life in so many ways! I always thought Jill was around me, but now I know for sure! And to have her talk and to know she is dancing, just melts my heart . I cried so many happy tears after the reading, and although I miss her, I know we will walk through life together . Her on her side and mine on my side. Though we cannot touch, I can feel her love. Thank you Fara for all you do! She passed 13 yrs ago , I never thought I’d ever have this feeling of joy back again!
Joan M Cook


Thank you for the reading last night. it was awesome. further confirmation that love never dies and that loved ones DO see what goes on with us. I will be in touch with you again, I am sure =)
Lisa Lyon


Hello Fara, I would like to thank you for the amazing reading you did for me with me loved one. It brought much comfort. I was very nervous before the reading. As soon as you started to speak to me I felt calm and relaxed. I was skeptical even though you had did a reading for a friend (who you mentioned in your book). I absolutely believe now! My sister was a nonbeliever. I sent her the reading at 1:39pm. She told my at 1:40 she was a believer! If my finances allowed I would have a reading once a month lol. The feelings I had of knowing it was absolutely my loved one communicating through you are beyond words. The things you told me were things you could Not have known.
Thank you again god bless you,
Sidonia Signorelli



I haven’t had too many peaceful moments since Walter passed because it was so sudden that I didn’t have time to say anything to him other than ” please, breathe!”. Walter is the love of my life and my light. When he died, a part of me died with him. Being able to connect with him through you was such a comfort to me. I couldn’t believe it. Thank you for bringing healing and closure into my life. I will LOVE Walter for the rest of my life.
Alina M Paula


I was just talking about Fara yesterday to my niece and how Fara truly helped me. You’re a true Angel for all of us here, I’m blessed to have a reading with her as well. Your words touch and heal in more ways than I ever could have imagined. God bless you ❤❤
Davee M Raganit


When I am having a sad day and missing my son, I re-read Fara’s notes from my reading and it helps me to know, again, that my sweet boy is still with me. The whole reading and the circumstances by which I was connected to my son was beautiful and meant to be and has been such an amazing a gift. I miss his physical self, but know his angel self is always near.

Bonnie Engelbrecht


This morning I woke up and thank God but you instantly crossed my mind. I begin to think of how much hope and a future you have brought to me since my reading. I say hope because I didn’t have. Matter of fact giving up felt like it was the only option. I say future because of you I have somethi…ng to look forward to in life. My life changed forever 2-24-16 for the better. I had amazing validation from daddy, but if it wasn’t for you than I still to this day would remain hopeless and possibly future less. That day brought so much joy to my heart and my soul. That day it was like daddy smacked me back into reality. Since that day I do have my days I cry out but they come far and in between. I have so much more hope and the one thing I realized through this all is we are going to be ok. Although it may not feel like it today, tomorrow, or a month from now. It’s truly ok. Death is truly ok bc I know one day in my future when it’s my time I will be up there with daddy again! The one thing I want you to know fara is how much life you gave to me on that day. How much courage, hope, laughter, amazement! No one will ever touch my soul or my heart like you have. I can thank you a million times but it won’t never be enough! You truly are an angel. I am thankful to call you my friend! Although I will never be able to repay you for making my life whole again. I hope this note touches you. I hope you have a wonderful and bless day and again thank you.
With all the love and to the future
Robyn ?


I do not have the words to really express myself after my experience with Fara. But, I will try.

First, any degree of skepticism that I had about sprit and heaven is gone forever.

Second, I can now embrace the Love my fiancé and I lived in completely before her suicide. It still exists. It did not disappear with her passing. She sees my love and she expresses hers. She is with me, and I with her.

I can go on with more peace. I look forward to seeing her again, but will have to wait until my time here is done.

My deep gratitude to Fara for being a safe and loving presence for those who have passed.

Forever, and always . . . Brian Cristall


Fara was amazing! What a special gift she has! She didn’t miss a beat. We know she was communicating with our sweet Cameron. Thank you so much Fara!! You have an amazing gift and I’m so happy to have found you, I’m so glad that you have embraced your gift and help so many people such as my family to heal. I can’t tell you how much it helps!! I will be sure to let others like me know all about you!!
Gabrielle Kuba


Fara, once again I can’t thank you enough for your gift, it is such a blessing, you contuine to open doors for healing not just for myself but all the grandkids.

Thank you, you have restored my faith. I have questioned my ability to do my job as a hospice nurse since mom passed, as a broken soul with a huge hole in my heart i questioned how could I help others thru this difficult journey. I have thought of giving up and changing focus in nursing or quitting nursing altogether. I now have clarity, peace and comfort and know without a doubt I am were I was ment to be, a hospice nurse. Mom would always tell everyone “I have the best 2 nurses, my daughter and my grandaughter”, she was always so proud. So in the morning, the start of a new day, as I put my scrubs on and start my day I will say hey mom here we go let’s start are day. I am not only riding with 1 angel I have 2, by my side giving me strength, and faith. When I get home after my day I will contuine to go to the garden and read to ethan, sing to mom and when the stars come out I will smile and say hello my loves, thanks for helping me thru another day. God bless you Fara, you are truly a gift from above.

Thank you
From a once broken soul that you helped heal
Tammy Corning


Hi, Fara!
I just wanted to thank you again for what you did for my today! My wheels have been spinning since we hung up! I’ve been kind of “emotionally” unavailable (but in a good way for me!) while processing our visit! Things that you mentioned, that nobody else could know about ! I will continue to acknowledge her EVERYTIME she visits us! Thank you again for today! You have no idea how much peace my heart is at tonight, or maybe you do but I have longed for what you have given me today for 24 years & 3-1/2 months! First of all, THANK YOU (again, a million times over!!). I feel like the divine intervention was hers to make! I wanted for so long to believe that she was with me, but it never felt right. When I would see the name of a psychic or some kind of advertisement, but when I saw that you recently visited with a very dear friend of mine, I was compelled to contact you, because the validations that were coming through were so accurate and to be 100% honest, if you could make anyone far less spiritual than myself believe, than I HAD to jump right in and try for myself! (If that makes much sense.). You have allowed me to give myself the most beautiful Birthday Present today.
❤️ Thank you for your gift today!!

Daphne Rendl


I can not express how gratefull I am for your gift, you have renewed my faith and brought so much peace and comfort to not only myself but to dawn, jimmy and the whole family. As dawn’s mother I not only grieved for ethan but for my daughter, this was something I couldn’t fix, I couldn’t take her pain away, I have watched the kids being torn apart by their grief, and was at a loss of how to help, your gift has opened the door for healing, it has offered answers to questions that we had no answers for. When I get in my car and say I’m “ridding with an angel” I know nanas little man is there. He sees and he knows we love you Ethan James Seymour to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond, for ever and always.
Nanas little man you will always be.
Tammy Corning


Fara, The comfort and peace I am feeling the past two days is so amazing especially compared to the grief I have been feeling the past 3 months today since his passing. Knowing how he felt about so much that has happened in the past 3 months has made my heart soar. Thank you is just not enough but it is heartfelt. I know reading your beautiful book and reading your awesome stories has helped more than anyone can imagine, but actually having a reading with you was unbelievably the best thing I have every done. Love and hugs to you. I look forward to asking for your help to speak with him again.
Marcella Curry


Dear Fara,

I am finally sitting down to write you and express how blessed I feel to have had a reading from you. Having my Mom so close to me again was more special than words can express. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and with all the others. So many validations that helped me to feel her presence, and those that didn’t necessarily make sense then, I believe they do now. My stepdad came through as well. I carry those messages in my heart. I know that I will want to connect again… thank you.
Mandy Neis



We sure felt Our Beloved Johns personality come thru,as if he was right on the other line with us. He made us laugh with his crazy sense of humor with his words and how he expressed himself haha…With us Missing him so much that today with our reading we felt his reassurance of Love for us once again. Thank you so much for this opportunity
Eva Marie


Since my reading I wanted to share my experience but I wasn’t sure if I could put into words or describe how I truly feel. Since my reading, I have felt as though I have been in a “Spiritual Abyss”, a kinda twilight zone just floating in amazement!! Not only did I receive answers from my son & his father, but I am now at peace! I wake up every morning missing them but I FINALLY know that they are together. This has changed my life, it has given me my life back!! I was so broken not sure how I was going to survive this grief, understood why people turn to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain, I even considered checking myself into the mental ward, I was so broken hearted!! I needed to know if my son was okay and if he was with his dad!! And they are together!! They are okay!! I’m now okay!! I am eternally grateful to FINALLY be able to say….. Peace is in my Soul….
Jacqui Ellis


Fara, We were at the meeting, Parent’s United In Loss yesterday and very blessed to have you there and meet you. Our daughter came through and you told me things that I never knew. This morning I went through the autopsy report and the investigation report and only to find out what you told me was so on point,I felt compelled to let you know, that after 8 and 1/2 years I feel at peace in my heart, I can not even explain how much you have helped us.She was my only child and I am having a hard time finding my place in this world. I will be requesting a private meeting with you soon and cannot wait for that! Again thank you for all of the validations letting me know Shauna is truly with us always.



Fara Gibson this was an incredible gift and experience you have given me and my family. I have always been so proud of Garrison all his life here, and am more so now…he has worked very hard making sure he still is very much apart of our lives and will always be. Thank you once again Fara, your gift will take us far on our road to healing…and thank you Garrison, I love you so much.
Lisa Spencer


I can’t thank you enough for the reading today with Lisa and connecting us with our son Garrison. Today is the first time that I have seen your site ( or have had a reading for that matter ). I wish that I had taken the time to have been better prepared, I did not know what to expect. I do know you are sent from Heaven!
Warm Regards,



Hi Fara! I attended the medium last night in Apache Junction, and I am so glad that I did. In an instant you restored my faith, and have given me hope and meaning back into my life. My daughter passed at 17 years old from our car accident, and releasing balloons every year for her on her birthday was my way of sending my love to her. I woke up this morning and smiled a real smile this time. Not a forced fake smile that I have been doing for the past twelve years, but a true “smile.” ? I only had to meet you once, but it only took once to be able to say… I love you! I love you for what you do, and for giving me life back. I feel like I would like to connect one more time with you, as I need to hear from some of my other loved ones. Be proud of what you are doing, and keep that great smile. I will be in touch soon.

Kathy Pritchard


Thank you for everything you gave me last night! I can finally smile when I think of my dad instead of crying. You truly are a angel❤

Nika Martin


I woke up today feeling like the weight of the world was lifted off of me. I’ve had four long years of carrying this heavy grief in my soul. Although I will ALWAYS miss my sweet, comical , and loving son; I now have peace following the validations of last night’s reading. Shane IS still with us. My heart is full of joy to know this now. Thank you, Fara— for sharing your gift to communicate with those who have passed. God Bless!!!!
Margaret Silva


Beautiful and so inspiring! I just need you to know how much my reading helped me. I have been so sad and unmotivated to do anything since my son passed. After we talked I reflected on a lot of things you said, my son said and my husbands response. I feel motivated to restart my life because that is what my son would want me to do. Thank you so much!
Karin Sassano Minamyer


Thank you Fara…. When I was in the room when my husband called and Phillip said that’s my mom , I had tears in my eyes but my heart was filled with so much joy.. I left the room becuz I didn’t want my mamas boy to make it all about me.. Lol.. This reading was for my husband .. I’m forever grateful to you for allowing Phillip & my father in law to bring some much needed Peace & Healing to my husband.. We also let our niece know the message papa sent for her, she said thank you and that she has so many emotions going but she needed to know… And her wedding song was I Held Her First.. Much love to you Fara oxoxoxo
Gina Liberto Barnes


This book truly is a blessing for me giving me a better understanding of death! It has given me lots of healing for my broken heart ! I lost my 32 year old son 8-2014 ! I had a reading done by Fara through Skype … And was it ever amazing ! My son came through and left me feeling that I was their with him in heaven ❤️so many things that were validated I cannot get into it because I will be here typing for the next two hours … Lol ! Then she came out with this book … Looking into the windows of Heaven and that was the icing to the cake ! The book was so interesting I could not put it down !!! So I do recommend the book and a reading from Fara … She’s the best … I love you Fara for being my Angel here in this Life ❤️also thanks for adding me to this group ! My son and God knows that I needed to be put with Fara to help with the healing process because other wise … No way did I want to go on in this life … It became over bearing with the pain that I was enduring ! Not saying that I still don’t hurt …I still do everyday! I now have a better understanding that my boy is in heaven ?
Tina Page


Fara thank you for having me over at your house and give me peace with your validations there is no doubt in my heart that my daughter was there and I felt her when you hug me I will forever be grateful with you for that moment. God bless you!
Zuly Araque


I wanted to thank you for sharing my family with me today. We are fast coming up on the 10 year anniversary of my son’s graduation to heaven and I have needed this for so long. My heart feels joyful now after receiving his message and validation through you. I hope you understand what an incredibly blessed gift you have. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so much.
Kit Conley


Fara, thank you so very much for all the validations you gave us today! Some of the validations you gave, there is no way you would of known! If there was a slither of doubt it’s been wiped away clean! You are amazing in offerings your gift to help us heal, and believe that there is more to this world to look forward to! What a miracle
Gabriela Guaderrama


Hello Fara, my name is Jim, and I am Jacqui Ellis’ current boyfriend. We’ve been together for almost 5 years, so needless to say, I was here living in the same house as her son, AJ. He was like the son I never had. AJ was one of the most amazing, kind souls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. His father Alex paid me the best compliment I’ve ever received before his passing, he whispered in my ear, while we were all at the hospital with AJ, “thank you for everything you’ve done for them.” I was a little surprised to hear him say these kind words, as him and I had our differences. I am writing to you because I just wanted to say thank you for your reading with Jacqui last night. I’ve been her shoulder for the past year and a half since AJ passed, and this is just an amazing feeling for her and myself. Also, I read a post on your page about your father not believing in what you do, I was skeptical at first myself, however you have made me a believer! The details were so accurate, I know that AJ was present and hope that he really is watching over our family. Again, thank you so much, Jacqui is at ease more now knowing that AJ and Alex are together in Heaven. You helped us answer those questions she and I had…
Jim Horan


I woke up this morning feeling so much at peace just knowing now that they are still around me!! Unbelievable feeling!! Thank you for bringing them to me Fara! ❤ my son’s favorite quote….. Peace is in my soul! I have so many emotions right now, it’s hard to put into words. I feel like I’m in a wonderful fog, kinda floating around in happiness and peace!!
Jacqui Ellis


Fara, Thank you from my heart. You have given me more peace and happiness just knowing that my love one is happy and is with me . And knows the struggles I’m going through with out him. And he is cheering me on as I raise these two little granddaughters of ours. You are the angle I needed. Forever grateful my friend.
Hope Uptegrove


For those mothers who have lost a child, the world stops and you can’t breathe. The sorrow you feel is beyond hopelessness. I’ve always been a “fixer”; I couldn’t fix losing my child. But Fara continues to allow me to talk to him, and there is absolutely no way to thank her. I love you, Fara.
Vicki Campbell




Hi Fara, I wanted to share that today is my deceased husband, Corey, and our 42nd wedding anniversary . Corey passed on Feb. 13th of this year. The support of my family and your lovely reading I received,I can only thank you. I was able to celebrate in a way I don’t think would had been possible without family support and you connecting with my loved one. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Connie Dahlstrand


Thanks for today Fara! I was admittedly skeptical before and scheduled the reading to help my heartbroken wife. I’m not any more, …and you did.
I would like to bring her back for an hour when schedule allows it.
Thank You!



Just wanted to say thank you Fara for my amazing reading today. I knew my angels were still around me as I often receive signs from them, but you validated so much for me so accurately. I’ve been on such a high the whole day I can’t even put it in the proper words. It has given me such a sense of peace and love knowing how much they are still involved in my life. So thank you again, I am so blessed to have found you. Thank you so much for this reading Fara. It has certainly brought me a long way in my healing & I talk to both my husband & son much more now because I know they are so close to me. You have helped me so much ♥
Pam Cartledge


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. What happened last night meant the world to me. I have held ALOT of guilt since Jesse’s passing. I blamed myself because I felt like I gave up on him, that I failed him. I truly believed that all the wrong that has been going on in our lives has been because of me. Hearing you tell me that he loves me totally caught me by surprise. Deep down I knew he did but I guess I’ve held this guilt for almost 7 years that it’s hard to let go. I will treasure everything that he said always!
Amy Werling Tester


I can not begin to express with words the love and healing that occurred lastnight within our family. Fara you and your gift are amazing. Thank you for gifting us with your time and with what felt like a visit with our son and our other angels to. I simply can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us.
Misty Davis Blackburn


At the group reading I attended, my mom showed you a shoe size box and you told me to look for her ring in it!! Well… I found the box (shoe size that I completely forgot about lol) I found her ring in it!! It was a ring I had forgotten about that she wore daily. Thank you for connecting on that level. It was so awesome piecing everything together!
Kara Doll



Thank you so much Fara and the mystery person who generously gifted me this reading, I do not have words to describe how I am feeling right now. This is a gift from Heaven and you are the messenger and I was blessed to have been chosen to get messages from my baby girl in Heaven. ❤️??❤️ Thank you for the healing xxx

Sandra Trudgeon


I’m sure many have often looked over Fara’s page and wondered about the accuracy of the stories that are shared, I include myself in this comment. Are the photos randomly found online and shared in a generic story that make you feel good and provide a “hope” of the hereafter just for personal gain? For the record, I am the David that is in these photos and shared our story. Jessie is my mom and I can validate the accuracy of this post because we lived it. The comfort we received from our reading can not be described. While we enter into our new reality of life without our “crazy mom” it is nice to know that we have constant validation that she is and will be with us forever. Sometimes, for better or for worse.
David Mackey


Hi Fara,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for the wonderful reading you did for us yesterday morning. You did a beautiful job connecting with Corey. It has been hard for our family since Corey’s unexpected passing last month. I also wanted to tell you that your Uncle Joe Jolley went to school the same time Corey did and I found out Corey knew him. What a small world. Thanks again Fara for sharing your wonderful gift.
Connie Dahlstrand



Mrs. Fara,
I want to thank you so much for the experience we had today…it was more than I could have ever imagined. I have pondered over what was discussed and there were many things that only us girls would know. My dad even showed his fun and joking personality. I miss him like crazy, and wish I had more time with him here, but the experience today further impressed upon my mind that he’s not far away. I pray that over time I will feel him in my life, see him in my dreams, and experience those ‘hair flicks’. 😉
Thank you for sharing your incredible gift with us. I’m so grateful my dad was driving you nuts and that you were able to deliver his messages 😉 I look forward to one day meeting you in person to give you a great big hug.
I will always be grateful for the gift I shared with you today. 💖


Hi Fara, I have to say Thank you so much for what you are able to do to help those of us who look to you for guidance with our heart’s so empty at times. You truly are a Angel ? . Please know that you are so special and are looked up to with great respect. I don’t have any words to explain how you honestly change a person’s life, outlook and a will to survive in this world without the one’s we held so close to our heart’s. A huge thank you and Huge Hug.
Shellie Lightner


Thank you so much for the AMAZING reading today, Fara. Your gift is …incredible. You have no idea how much weight you took off of my shoulders. I now know that my baby boy is safe, warm and loved…ALWAYS. This is a day that I will never forget! Much love to you.
Krista Welch


Enjoy and open your hearts & mind to take in the beautiful messages and lessons written so beautifully in this book. It is definitely a source for learning and written so its easy to understand, my boyfriend of 15+ years had never read a book other than …a text book until this one. He was hooked by the first page!
Cathi Links Fisher


We do need to remind our minds constantly to remember the love of our family members who have gone to heaven much like we have to renew our minds with positive energy, positive vibes. If you have already had a reading with Fara read your validations they help keep me from falling into the negative trap of whys and what ifs. If you haven’t had a reading get Faras book and or try your best to get a reading it helps so much to get those validations from our loved ones in heaven.? also if your new to grief give yourself time we all grieve different! Thank you Fara you give so much love, and passion.
Kerri Embree


I am so grateful for this reading today it lifted a lot off my heart just knowing that my mom and son are watching from above and to give me the validations that I so desperately needed thank you again I’m still in awe… words can ever express what I’m feeling inside my heart and soul.
Gina Liberto Barnes


Fara i just want to thank you again! You seriously have no idea how great you are , you have given me a faith in God that I have never had before and I can actually feel my dad all around me. You have really changed my way in thinking . I am soooooo grateful for having the chance to meet you.
Lauren Mossman


I didn’t know how I felt about going to a group reading, but hearing all the validations that I heard today, made it more special! Thank you Fara!
Chris Baker Launder


Thank you fara for the reading you did today, you brought me the reassurance I needed from shane . I am so happy heaven sent you the gift you have to share the words of our loved ones that need to express themselves through you to us. I look forward to another event that I may be able to attend. Once again thank you.
Teresa Brower


Thank you for the reading about my brother Clint today! It was much needed for me and my mom!
Chelsey McHale


Today was amazing! Thank you for taking the extra time for me today to allow a loved one to come through to let me know he is with me and at peace. Today was a day I will never forget and I look forward to coming to more in the future. Thank you again for doing that for me today it wasn’t expected.
Sherry Chase


Words can’t express what Fara did for me. After loosing my husband quite suddenly and unexpectedly after he was in a car accident in September 2016 I had my whole world ripped out from under me. Add to that finding out my husband had been involved in a extra marital affair for quite some time leading up to his death made for one emotionally tormented woman. After my phone reading with Fara I was able to find so much more hope and love and peace over so many things that I had been suffering with since loosing my husband. I was always a believer in the work that Fara does my husband was not and there’s no way, shape, or form that Fara could have known any of the details my husband shared with her which she shared with me. Fara is a gift from the powers that be above and I now though still and always will be grieving over the loss of the love of my life have been able to continue living my life being present for my family, my children, my friends, hell even for myself because of Fara and my husbands messages from the other side and that hope she was able to give me, again along with the help of my beautiful Alex is priceless always in my heart Fara and her amazing gifts will be.
Dale Gordon



Fara, I’ve spent all this time since reading our story trying to find the right words to express to you our truest gratitude and deepest appreciation for what you’ve done for our souls, yet again. I came to realize there are no words that exist that can come close to conveying just how thankful we are for you. The story was breathe taking as I new it would be. We are so happy!!!! Bev looks so at peace since connecting with Barry….for that I’m so grateful to you. As for me, I’m on cloud 9!!! Reconnecting with my sassy blue-eyed and dirty bond hair girl has, once again, filled my heart with pure love…and a feeling of healing beyond belief!!! I’m so proud of her!!! And, I finally believe she is proud of her ole mommie!!! Thank you Fara, for all that you’ve done to coach me and help me to understand life after a death….and life after death. can’t wait until our next reading with you!!!
Missie Bray


THANK YOU for the wonderful reading Dec 30 It was amazing … and to have my Dad come through too…. SO unexpected ( he died in 1962) ..You are truly a deeply caring person. My grieving is still difficult BUT now I do KNOW my husband has NOT “left me”
Jorja Hepner Beert


Fara IS amazing! I had a reading also where my husband, mom, and others came thru. So content to know they are always with you ?
Lynn Parsons


I also had a reading I was carrying so much guilt about my husbands passing but he came through to let me know I did the right thing he gave so many validation that only I would know Fara is amazing lady I just can’t wait for another reading!
Sharon Harris-Squires


Fara did a reading for me as well. My son came through and gave validations that no one could possibly have known. It was a mixture of happy to know his soul lives on and a desire to have Fara come live with me so I could stay connected. After seven years, you would have thought I had his passing behind me. No so. Now that I know the decisions made regarding his passing were right, I no longer have that horribly destructive guilt hanging over me. I believe these readings come at a time we are able to receive the information with an open heart. Fara has a beautiful gift. I will treasure my reading forever. Thank you Fara
Jennifer Stoner


My readings with Fara brought me back from a very dark place. She brings my daughter’s personality thru perfectly, with wonderful validations. Grateful.
Terri Petz


She had done two readings for me. The glowing warmth of my heart when the reading is done is the most amazing feeling I have felt since my son passed.
Karren Bolton Warren


Fara will amaze you. My husband and I had 1 reading and will soon schedule another.
Looking forward to it.
Phyllis Fugile


Today I had a life changing experience! Today I had a beautiful reading done by Fara. She is absolutely amazing! This is something that my soul really needed at this time and I think that anyone needing some peace with a loss in their life they should have a reading with her. Fara was able to bring across my husband and she was able to express his personality perfectly. With all the crying which I did A LOT of even before we started, there was also a lot of laughter. Knowing he is always with me and all the amazing validations she was able to give was the best part! I feel as if my soul is lighter and I am so happy to know that he is in Heaven with God and still able to visit me and enjoy my life journey. Fara thank you for what you do! You have opened my eyes, heart and given me so much peace. I don’t have enough words to express how thankful I am for you!
Rachael H.


I just finished your book in one sitting. I could not put it down. It reaffirms what you told me during our reading last year and I needed to hear some of those things again. Thank you!
Bonnie Creamer


My path has become so much easier now..my understanding is great and I am now doing exactly what Zhamar Young revealed and encouraged me to do..thank u again for reminding me that we have choice..we can choose to stay bound or we can choose to be free of those binds..I chose to let go like Zhamar asked and If u only knew how amazing things have been and how much of my life has turned around in the short time since speaking with u..I am so greatful..love light and blessings dear sweet Fara!!
Juanita Young


Hi Fara, Thank you so much for the reading and all of the information. This was an awesome validation for me and much appreciated. Take Care.
Deb Wilson


Hi Fara – THANK YOU SO MUCH for the reading today!!! It was AMAZINGand a very special way to celebrate my birthday!! Joe continues to rock my world and I’m so glad I have you in my life to help me connect with him. I can feel him with me and I know for sure that he is. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. I listened to the song, and absolutely love it. And the lady loading the passenger and their wheelchair in front of where you just happened to be…that blows my mind. Thanks again!! Blessings to you!!
Kind Regards,



Just wanna say thank u for helping me find Peace concearning my Son …Mrs. Fara..I wanted to share this picture with u because for the first time Im facing today not as a loss of my First born and best friend..but as a ceremony of graduating to heaven..I wanted u too see him “DAPPER” with his “TIGHT” hair in life..he is and always will be special..there is soo many things I could tell u about this young man u encounterd in spirit yesterday that it would take hrs upon hrs..but I know u FELT him yesterday..especially when he grabbed ur hand..tell ya there is something about that kids touch and smile that can cure any aile. I will no longer speak of him in past tense thanks to u..because u helped me to understand that he is still alive and beside me even when I may not feel his prescence..so funny he argued with u to make sure I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was right by my side and will always Have my back..he always said to me mama dont worry I got ya back..and God Got us..I have to find the pic of my tatt that I got on my back because he always said that..I Love u Sweet Spirit Sister..and again I thank GOD for u and the gift u share with this world..I LOVE MY BABY BOY AND THANK U FOR REMINDING ME HE NEVER LEFT MY SIDE!! Blessings and Love Always. R.I.P. Zhamar Young..3/10/95-12/29/09
Juanita BlackGoddess Young



I have known Dale & she has been my best friend for roughly 15 or 16 years now! We have been through just about everything together! But, Alex passing away has been the absolute hardest & worse thing we have ever had to deal with! & I have to admit that I was a little skeptical when Dale first told me that she was going to a medium! But, after all she’s been through & how much pain she’s had to bare… I figured it couldn’t hurt! & I just need to tell you Fara… Thank you! You have helped my best friend more than you may ever know or realize! I can hear it in her voice & (like you said) even in the way she cries now, that she has had a huge weight lifted off of her & you have completely changed her life for the better! You are an amazing person & thank you again from the bottom of my heart for helping my friend the way you have!
Lyndsay Gehlbach


I have known Dale Miller Gordan for many years. I was in the delivery room when her daughter was born… Went through the pain she felt of losing Alex. Thank you from the depths of my soul for giving her the gift and blessings that she needed from Alex! How unreal everything that came through is exactly what she needed to heal and continue to be the amazing mother and wife that she is! I love you Dale
Tami Hanson


Today Fara Gibson changed my life. My reading with her in which my …husband who recently passed away was dead on! The things she told me about my husband there was no way she could have known them unless he was telling her directly. The weights I had been carrying since my husband passed was great and heavy and the reading I had today has alleviated that for me and i will spend the rest of my life changed and grateful by my reading with Fara thank you Fara Gibson you gave me my life back my baby back my reason to go on back and I can never repay you for that.

Dale Miller Gordon


Fara I want.to thank you for the beautiful reading you did for me this week. I am a true believer in your gift and I am so very thankful for you. You gave me the best gift I could of received hearing from my son. Thank you and remember what a blessing you are.

Lisa Paul



A year ago I thought there was no way I would ever be able to live my life in honor of my son. I just didn’t want any part of celebrating anything, didn’t want to do any of these things because it hurt too bad and just made me miss my son more. Thanks to Fara, I have started to overcome this and I do have a different perspective on life. Knowing my son is always with me and joins us in all these activities has made me want to do things that I know he would like and include him as if he were still physically here. I miss him so much and I still have those terrible days, but I’m able to start again the next day thinking what can I do today to make him part of my day. My life will never be the same without him, but I am so thankful to Fara and everyone on this page for sharing their stories. God Bless you Fara, and everyone on here. I hope each of you will be able to find a way to honor your loved ones!
Wanda Smith


Fara – I can’t thank you enough, that was amazing. What a beautiful reading, I feel so much better on this day.
Hugs and Love,


Thank you to the most amazing couple who gave this gift. I don’t know how I can ever repay you. I am so blessed that I won this gift and that I received so many wonderful messages and confirmation from my son. I was in shock when I heard I won and I am in more shock now. But it is a wonderful shock. I now have confirmation that my boy is ok and that he is with me everyday. I am so blessed and grateful. Thank you again for the amazing gift and Fara and my Angel and all my helpers.
Bev Maracle



I lost my 16 year old daughter just over one year ago to suicide. I did not believe in psychics, I did not believe in the afterlife matter of fact I really didn’t believe in anything to be quite honest. My wife was at the end stages of depression last February when she reached out to Fara. I didn’t question her though I thought it to be a terrible waste of money. All I said was that the medium was going to have to tell me things so personal that nobody could know about before I would even begin to accept that there might be something out there. Let me say I spent hours after the reading barely able to breathe at what my wife was told. So of course I waited a couple of months and decided I would do one of my own. To be exact it was this past Easter. The tears started the minute Fara started speaking to me and haven’t ended to this day. I didn’t ask questions. I didn’t need to ask any questions during the reading. It was just my daughter talking to me through Fara. I am now 100% sure of her spirit being with me everyday. I have changed most everything I do and say because I know she can see and hear me. All I can say is out of the three readings my family has done with Fara there has yet to be one inaccuracy. The only thing that we didn’t understand was the reference my daughter kept saying about a wind chime. We knew nothing but Fara as adamant that Ciara was telling us about it and to remember it because it meant something. The next day we went to the cemetery and someone has placed a wind chime on her grave. I can’t even begin to tell you the personal things. My daughters death was highly publicized in the US. Every major paper and news magazine did a story so it wouldn’t be hard to find out info. Fara even told me about the items I placed in the casket. Now unless Fara was able to go exhume the body nobody and I mean nobody knows what I put in there. Nobody knew I cut my daughters ponytail off in private before she was buried. Fara did. Not only that Fara told me where I keep it.

Mike Gage



Thank you from the depth of my heart. Losing Larry has been so devastating. A part of me as well as my family will always have a huge hole in our heart. But, thanks to you, you have made this terrible journey better. The love and compassion you have to help people through their most difficult time is immeasurable. Tonight was amazing! I truly felt his presence and love. I know without any doubt he is always with us. You are amazing and we love you and what you do. Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!
Wanda Smith


Thank you for the most amazing reading you gave much healing to BOTH Dan & I today. We have been struggling with his death and now we know the truth. Much needed answers to looming questions of guilt. I truly saw the world in a different light this morning. The heavy heavy chain of guilt have been lifted off my shoulders and the air and world feels allot warmer place. Your gift and you are so amazing and beautiful. Thank you earth angel.We both are going to put the guilt behind us.

Karren Boltan Warren



I attended a group reading on Sunday and I have to say it was amazing. You did an amazing job with everyone in the group and it was perfect. I got to hear from my parents and the others received messages from their loved ones. Thank you again for what you do.
Deanna French


Fara, I would like to thank you for so many validations you pesented to me in our reading, I was truly drowning and now I feel as if I can come up for some air. No one could of known the facts presented to me.Thank you from the bottom of my heart.It also gave me closure and peace on a subject was a huge struggle for me. You are truly Amazing!

Helen DeSimone




You are 100% authentic, Accuracy was pinpoint on so many things . You opened my mind beyond where I thought it could go, when ,I put on his Favorite Hat and pointed to it with both hands within Seconds you said why do I feel you just put his Favorite hoodie on your head, blew me away that you instantaneously referenced that. I was very animated when I was pointing to it, saying to him see what I’m wearing, and my Son told you right away,unforgettable moment, I now KNOW life goes on, and that was worth more to me than winning a Billion $$ in the Lottery. There were many other Validations but the timing and me begging my Son to mention it, all happened within Seconds, blew me away and am CERTAIN he lives on !! Thank you for that, it fills my Heart with Hope and excitement, We will be reunited, and that means everything to me………..You may use that on your site, that comes from a Skeptic, who now is not, thank you for this gift…
Conrad Lantz


Thank you so much Fara! Losing my brother has been by far the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life, but the reading you did really lifted me upon. Just knowing that my brother is watching down on me, my little girls, and our family is a wonderful feeling!
Laura Jonatan Mendez


Thank you again, it feels like the dark cloud has moved and sun shine came out. ♥
Brenda Hanley


Thank you Fara you helped me close a open wound I carried for a very long time I cant express how much I needed this and I cant express how thankful I am to have this beautiful reading with you… THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART YOUR AMAZING
Sarah Duke


You have this gift for a reason..you not only are a earth angel but …save many lives through the peace you bring …my son continues to send me signs…but you ….words can’t express how you use your gift….i will always cherish what you did for me…even in my darkest moments ..i go back to what you gave me…and yes…you saved a life…
Nicki Burnett


Fara, I want to thank you for a beautiful reading last night. It was… a wonderful evening. You answered many questions I so needed to hear. You are a wonderful person and a wonderful medium. I can rest more peaceful because of you. Your words helped many last night. I am sure I will see you again. God bless you for what you do. Take care and God bless you, hugs!
Olga Valenzuela


Fara-Even though I wasn’t there, you touched my heart too. I live in Ohio and Raquel S Ellis told me that my brother Alex came through and mentioned the tattoo I got in honor of him and his son. I am amazed at the validation I received (from the other side of the continent) that my brother watches over us and knows our accomplishments. Which means he knows how much he is missed. Thank you for your special gift and for helping my niece communicate with her dad and find the answers she so desperately needed.
Lianne Leinaala Perry


Tonight was honestly one of the best nights of my life. My mom and I went to a medium and I was able to connect with my Dad htat had passed away. I wasn’t sure if I completely believed in what this woman was doing. But, when she answered my questions and mentioned things that ony I would know I knew that it was so real. I am so great full that I was finally able to connect with someone I have been missing for so long. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I was able to find answers to questions that I felt were haunting me daily. I’m extremely grateful to have this weight lifted off my chest and I know that my daddy is always with me. Thank you so much Fara for tonight.
Angelica Bever Ellis-Catalan


I’m at a loss for words and have cried since I heard of the phone call from Farah it was just like walking through it again I truly believe she has a gift as I know the things she has told to be true and the things that she says Richie has said to be true because I know Richie Joe and I know the way he would say things to let me know it was him I am forever grateful for you reaching out to Brittany and although it has brought many tears they are tears of joy I know Richie Joe is ok I’ve known it all along and I know he is watching over me Jerry and Brittany as well as her kids and husband I miss him more than words can say and your reading has brought me much happiness I am forever grateful for what you’ve done and I thank you from the bottom of my heart ( Leigh Ann Goodman mother of Richie Joe Goodman RIP 12-28-86 4-08-2010 )
Leigh Ann Goodman


Such an amazing experience, I finally feel some peace since the passing of my mom and brother and I couldn’t be more grateful to you and the selfless man who gave me this reading!
Toni Ann Sprague


I’m crying so hard right now your incredible, in every way a person can be. An angel placed on earth to help heal the broken hearted. I’m forever grateful for everything you shared with me today. You will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you for caring so much about us. I will never be able to thank you enough there isn’t enough words In the world to tell you how truly thankful I am to know you cared so much about us to help our family. I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts your amazing! I have harbored so much hate grief and pain for over 6 years I never thought I would ever be able to hear from him again. Until fara made the blessing now I have no more hate I can let go with what I once held onto.

Brittany Gilbert



Fara…thank you so much…i know that you know what you have done for me…i will always grieve and cry but i am now taking baby steps knowing my son Jordan is always by my side…thank you is not even enough
Nicki Burnett



Hi Fara.. Tomorrow is one year that my son Ryan has been gone. It’s been a very hard year for me. But I just wanted to tell you that I’ve taken to heart what you’ve said. I have stopped crying so much in sorrow over his loss, and tho I still cry, it’s in joy over his life. There really is a difference Fara.. I talk to him like he’s still here, and when I laugh at something, I can imagine he’s laughing with me.. I miss my baby so very much, but I know he’s still with me.
Thank you for helping me understand, and Thank you for helping me ease myself out of this grief fog I seem to have been in for so long. You are a blessing to me Fara Gibson.
God Bless.
Dandy Lion



Thank you so much Fara. I can’t tell you how much your reading meant to me and how it touched my heart in ways hard to explain. Knowing my beautiful wife is still with me in spirit is such a comfort to me, and I am trying hard to let go of the guilt I hold as she wants me to do. I will remember our reading yesterday for days to come and thank god for the wonderful gift you posses. God bless you, and thank you for sharing my story..
John Conklin


It was a beautiful reading! If anyone has ANY doubt about our loved ones in Heaven, have a reading with Fara. She is awesome! I feel like a weight has been lifted from my heart. Thank you again Fara
Lynn Parson


Oct 7th, 6:17pm
Received! There are no words for the amazing gift you have been given. And not enough thank you’s for choosing me for the reading, but from the bottom of heart, thank you times a million! One of the most amazing hours of my life. I immediately called my best friend and told him Lily sends her love to him and then we both burst into tears. Tons of healing today due to your generously!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Marilyn Petrizzo Halbreich


Thank you Fara for my reading this evening! I got the questions answ…ered that I have been pondering for awhile!! You’re a blessing from God for me and many people!! Thank you again!!!

RaShell Wagner



Thank you for your time today along with your prompt email as promised. I found your insight to be informative in many ways. I believe you somehow connected with some of my family members.

Keep up the good work!

Bob Spaletto



Fara,, you are a blessing to so many of us. I believe you are a Angel that our heavenly father has sent to help in our healing process. You have made me a believer . Were i never was before. You have help me in so many ways you are truly a blessing to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ..and god bless you my friend
Hope Uptegrove


My mom went from the most depressed from loosing her 23 year old daughter ….. To if you could have just seen the light she had when she left the reading, her face lit up ….. I took her out to eat after and she ate all her food …. She has been going days with out eating and has not ate a whole meal sense my sister passed ….. I know she is wanting to do a one on one …. And I want to thank u for helping her heal . You are told if u commit suicide that you go to hell ….. It was such a relief to know she is with family and doing well …. I am so proud of my sister for coming through

Annette Haston



Thank you so much and God bless you Fara!! You were remarkable! There was so much validation and confirmation of love and connection here❤️. Jimmy is and always will be a part of this family. You brought Scott (Dad) a lot of comfort and peace. It meant so much for his brother to hear your words too, he was devastated by Jimmy’s passing. We all were. Our hearts are full, loved the reading. Thank you again.
❤️ Sharmie



Fara Gibson, thank you so very much for sharing your gift, you are true blessing from Heaven! I appreciated every word and I’m sure each person there tonight was just as grateful! God bless and keep you girl!
Donna Davis


Dear Fara,
Thank you from the bottom of my very moved heart for the beautiful connection you allowed with my loved ones . The confirmations were abundant and brought peace and answers. Taking a walk on the beach right after our reading, connecting to “eternity” and listening to the recording, I felt at peace like I have not felt since our son’s death more than 4 years ago. Thank you . Thank you. Thank you. May you be Eternally blessed.
P.S. Thank you for the transcript, very good and helpful.


Its hard…trying to deal with it. I dont have the nightmares after our reading and can actually have a decent nights sleep..

Briggrams Kokua


Thank You. It’s so hard not to think about what we won’t have together…. But I know he is still my knight in shining armor. I miss him, he was/is a good Guy. The love of my life. Thank you again for sharing your talent and ability.
Denise Nethery


Wanted you to know I did pretty good yesterday on his 1 year Angelversary. The morning was kind of rough but I made it to work and stayed all day.. I’m really proud of myself.. I have you to thank for a lot of my healing progress.. A lot of what you’ve told me goes through my mind when I’m feeling sad and down.. I see signs all the time. Espically coins and butterflies…your truly an Angel on Earth to help others!! I have the upmost respect for you and what you do for others!!! Have a wonderful weekend sweet lady..
Lisa Whitmire Lunsford


Thank you so much.. There was so many weights lifted today. I was skeptical, I’ll admit, must have gotten that from grandpa �� but I feel truly blessed that I was able to connect with you and I feel that God put you in our path for a reason.

Kayla Holley



Hi Fara, I just finished your book. So much validation of spirit. You have been such a gift to me since my daughter passed, and whenever I feel a weak moment, I know I will find find words of comfort and truth from you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift. I look forward to our next meeting.
Teri Petz


I just wanted to share with you I finished reading your book and it was amazing. It answered so many questions for me as well as gives me hope that I can endure this journey of grief knowing Larry is always with us. I was devastated when I lost Larry, as we all were, and I felt like slowly we were all just losing it. Something led me to your page, which I now believe it was Larry who led me there. He knew it was too much for us. I started reading your page and didn’t reply or comment for a long time, but your validation so we’re so real, I started to think wow, she can rally communicate with the spirits. Due to the way I was raised, I was skeptical,but at the same time, I believed all that you were saying. I just said to myself, if it’s meant to be for me to get a reading from Larry, it will happen. When I got your message that I won the reading, I was so excited it was hard to contain myself at work. That reading changed our lives. An hour of feeling like Larry was sitting right there in the room and we were talking to him, was simply amazing. There were so many things that you said, that no one else could have known. It’s a long process, and I struggle everyday, and I miss his physical presence so much. You gave us hope! I was so deep in grieving, I couldn’t see the signs he was sending. Because of you, day by day I can see more signs and do things that include him. We are such a close family, and always did so many things together. So now, instead of saying we wish Larry was here, we acknowledge that he is here. Thank you so much for your most selfless heart. You spend so much time helping others get through the most difficult time in their lives. Your compassion, empathy, and genuine love for people is amazing. We will be forever grateful. I look forward to another reading with Larry sometime soon. I feel like he will let me know when the right time will be. This time, I know the validations will be extraordinary, because we all have open hearts, knowing his spirit is really speaking to us through you. Sorry this is so long, but I needed to say these things to you!

Forever grateful,
Wanda Smith 09-06-2015


Our dear Fara: We never, ever imagine that we’ll lose a member of our family. We go to work every day to give them the very best that we can; our hopes and dreams include them in every aspect of our lives. When that person isn’t there anymore, the bottom drops out of your life. For me, not only did I lose my son, but my children lost the mother they knew, due to deep depression. Fara has helped me, and all of Tyler’s friends and family, start to climb out of that dark hole. Through readings with Fara and Tyler, we know he’s spiritually with us, and has retained his humor and personality that he had in his physical life.
We’re passing your new book around, as you explain “how things work in Heaven” in layman terms. I can actually understand what I’m reading, and relate what Tyler has said back to what you’ve written.

Vicki Campbell



Absolutely,if anyone questions the ability of The message’s you might recieve,Atleast for me,I was very happy ,beyond happy,with the reading I had over the phone,It was for me the First time since my husband passed,that I actually had hope aqain.It was better than anything else I had tried to pull myself out of the DarkNess that I had spiral led into after my husband took his life,I felt like I was literally dying for 2 year’s until I found FARA and my phone reading,their was no doubt that my husband was their! With her in Arizona and me in Missouri,After my reading,it was the first time in year’s I had felt any relief.I guess what I’m trying to say,is Their was no Dr. or Any thing that gave me piece and the Belief that he TRULY WAS WITH ME,and that’s what I needed to know.I did a poor job,at describing just how much peace it gave me.BUT THAN YOU FARAH!!!!When I have my many moment’s of feeling like I can’t go on one more minnute,I just think about those words that where truly coming from him,and I’m able to go another day♡♡♡
Julia Floyd


Hi Fara,
Just wanted to thank you for my reading today. I forwarded your e-mail to my three children and they all said the same thing, “What did you tell her”? I told them all the same thing, “Nothing”. They are amazed as I am. Now we know he is watching us.
Thanks again,



Fara, I just finished reading your book last night and the moment I closed it I was filled with an overabundance of love and an even stronger, new, more powerful hope than I had before. It all brought me to tears. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this book. It has brought me some peace and a different outlook on physical death. I feel certain that when I am able to book a reading with you that all of the signs I’ve been experiencing will truly be solidified by your amazing gift. You are a true blessing from God. Thank you sister in faith!

Love, Tina Marie Kosko


I received your book this week and it was just lovely. I feel so blessed to have stumbled or been guided to your FB page! I have had such an overwhelming peace about me this week since my reading! I have truly felt my son iwth me just constantly! Thank you again!
Michelle Booth


I had my first reading with Fara today. Let me first say I always be…lieved in the other side. I have had 2 other readings last year and nothing compared to today’s hour from heaven. We had many validations which gave me peace. Those I hoped to come through did which I had no doubt they would and even had a surprise quick message. I thank Fara from the bottom.of my heart for the comfort she brought to me today even though an hour went fast,but I’ll take it. Fara I am thankful for your gift and appreciate you sharing it with all.of us….without it we would have no.peace. as I mentioned in our conversation tour book also taught us ways to give us peace. I look forward to speaking to heaven again soon….I.will have sweet dreams for sure tonight thank to Fara. <3. If there is a skeptic anywhere send her Faras way and she will prove them wrong for sure. Thanks again Fara <3

Laura Miller Struckman



Dear Fara,
Thank you so much for connecting with my family that has passed over to the other side. I truly do believe in life after death and you talking to my mom and son confirmed it even more. I felt my son’s and my mom’s presence yesterday and for that I thank you. I lost my father, son and mom within the past 3 years. It has been an incredibly difficult time especially losing my son. My son Paul was such a good person and the thought I didn’t save him will haunt me for the rest of my life. I really didn’t know he was depressed to hurt himself. Thank you for the email on suicide. I hope all that you say is true because that gives me hope. My mom just passed July 21st and I miss her. She was always there for me and was a wonderful mother. I hope someday I can become a better person and whatever lesson I am supposed to learn from all this suffering I hope I do. Thank you once again, you gave me a comfort that I haven’t felt in a long time. I don’t know how I found you online but I believe you were the angel that I needed.



I had a reading yesterday, I almost missed it because I dozed off waiting for my appointment time. It was soo full of wonderful validations of my son, that I had an incredible nights rest for the first time in a long time. I woke up feeling lighter and more at peace than I have in a while. Bless this beautiful soul for enabling soo many of us to feel this peace. My son’s humor and the vibe of our relationship really came thru to me. I highly recommend having a reading to anyone who is stuck in their grief, who may feel like they cannot move forward. I was able to confirm alot of the very strong feelings that I had about certain things. I have more faith in myself and the signs I have gotten, that I was skeptical of. Thank you Fara!

Michelle Booth


Fara, I just ordered a copy of your book. I can’t wait to read it! Thank you so much for being such a blessing to so many during the hardest times in their life. Before I talked to you I truly felt like I was sinking a little more every day.. And while I won’t say that my pain is gone by a long stretch, there is definitely a peace in my heart that wasn’t there before.
Mandy Gresham


We had our reading just over a year ago and what a blessing it was. I begged God for a year to please let me die so I could be with my precious daughter- I didn’t know how to live without her. Now 3 1/2 years later, I am so glad that decision was in God’s hands and not mine. I love my family hear on earth as much as those who have passed and I want to live my life making my daughter proud of the person I am. We will all be together again in the blink of an eye on heaven time. I always had faith in this- but our reading put so many things in perspective. I have shared you with so many people in hopes they too would gain peace in their souls. Thank you for Fara for all you do to help us heal <3

Robin Cox



Couldn’t have asked for anything more. I will miss him each second of the day for the rest of my life but hearing from him is something words can’t do justice. I know it was my Bosty and this woman just made it possible for me to get through the day… Forever thankful.
Sara Devlin


This was a blessing Fara. You are truly an Angel on earth. Thank you so much for helping me hear from my 2 beautiful girls up in heaven. Much love and respect to you.
Cindy Perez


Had to share. Rich (Papa) brought home a back-hoe this morning, so we could start working on our road. I was walking up to the field (we have 10+ acres), and a huge black crow began swooping at my head. He followed me up (yes, I grabbed …a stick on the way cause he was scaring the hell out of me!!) and he swooped at my head two more times. I opened the gate to where one of our greenhouses was, and he landed on a post looking straight at me. I had taken carrots up to our rabbits and geese earlier. I offered him a carrot, and he ate out of my hand. He continued to follow me, and swooped three more times at my head. He landed on the backhoe, and sat there for about an hour!! If Heaven is sending a sign, this had to be it. Remember when Rich and I had our last reading; I asked Tyler why he doesn’t knock on the wall to let us know he’s here? And he responded, “Well, I send those big-ass birds”!!!!!!!! BTW, these huge crows are very skittish, and don’t come near humans!
Much love to you……this lifted my heart!



Fara — thank you so much for this amazing reading! As I deal with my sometimes overwhelming grief, it is so helpful to know that my much loved (and greatly missed) husband is watching over me from heaven. After we spoke, I walked over to the couch in the living room and instantly understood why he brought you there. I had just taken out his Marine sword so that I could hang in up in the memorial I am creating for him in our home. I left the sword and the box it hangs on laying on the coffee table right in front of the couch. I will send you a picture when it is done — it definitely fits the shadowbox image.

You are a blessing to me —

Jane White


Your gift is truly amazing. If anyone is skeptical of mediums, they have never had a reading with Fara! The connections she has with heaven are that of an angel here on earth. The messages of love were passed on from Traci. Four long years have passed but my love for this amazing man will never ever die. Thank you Fara, Mom

Doris Greiner


I can’t thank you enough Fara. Today, I can move ahead in life with peace in my heart. I wish everyone could experience the peace you bring directly from our loved ones. This was the most amazing, wonderful experience of my life.
Sloan James


Awesome reading. You have a gift of bringing love. My family is still excited to be finding the verifications you gave me; in addition, the reading caused one little squabble to be mended and is helping us mend a larger estrangement in the family. You are truly a blessing to all. Thank you for the wonderful reading and the love we feel. I have never had a reading before and the experience was really neat. And you are so personable and easy to talk to, too
Marcy Henderson


Thank you Fara for another beautiful reading. To spend another hour with Roger makes my heart dance! You have an amazing gift and we are all BLESSED to know you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Joan McDonagh Grandy


Yes Fara you are incredible! Thank you so much. I was a little worried that Dan would have to fight his way thru to the front. No words can convey the awesome gift you provided for us!
Bette Phelps




Fara, I’m in tears reading this again. You have no idea how much it means to me to know that my dad was with me in spirit, even though he couldn’t be with me in life at my wedding. That’s one of the biggest things that has hurt me, that my dad couldn’t be with me at my wedding or walk me down the aisle. It also breaks my heart that my dad hasn’t been able to meet my beautiful daughter… but knowing that he can see her from heaven, helps. I’m also so glad that he loves the frame I made for him. Losing a parent is one of the most painful things in life… he’s been gone since I was 21. He’s missed out on all of my major life events, and it’s so painful. I’m glad that he’s been watching us though. You are seriously a blessing to our family, and I’m so very grateful for what you have done for my mom, Marie, and my sister and I. There is no way that I could ever thank you enough for what you have done. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! ♡

Laura Stevens


I’m forever in awe of your generosity and wisdom, you helped me live again , for that i will always be grateful ♥ hugs
Corinne Johnson


Jul 6th, 7:41pm
I want you to know that I watched my best friend, Sarah Dugan, suffer for many years… I was there with her when her Dad died.. and I was there with her when her Mom died. This reading you did for her sister healed her in more ways than you can imagine. You’re an amazing person! Thank you for sharing your gift!

Jeanette Lori Mitchell


Thank you again, Fara. It was comforting to receive these validations from Tyler through you, extra special that we were able to communicate with him on his birthday. Although everyone has different beliefs, and some may be skeptical of what you do, the messages you gave us were things no one would have or could have known about but my son. You have an amazing gift, and brought us comfort today knowing Tyler is at peace.
Nina Steffey



I cannot say how blessed I feel to have received this gift from Fara. My greatest question was what had happened, I knew my babygirl wouldn’t have hurt herself. In the midst of my tears, I am grateful to know that I did all I could. I’ve always felt Sheridan with me, and this was wonderful validation that she is, and that she sees how loved and missed she is. She was a healthy, vibrant, intelligent and loving young lady, and I am blessed to be her mom. I told Fara that I had considered suicide this past week, and receiving this gift has given me peace. Both Fara and Sheridan knew I needed it, more than words can express. Thank you again, Fara, for helping me spend an hour with my baby. God bless.

Terri Petz


It means a lot that you had my Mom call you . Reading the email from you and listening to her tell me what you told her sent me chills, Thank You

Danielle Mason


I am so happy. I feel a weight lifted off of me. Omgosh you have no idea how this makes me feel!
Tina Duran



Fara – Words cannot express my gratitude to you for your reading tonight. You made so many personal references and touched on personalities that you could have never known. I was never a skeptic but, you totally shattered any shadow of a doubt i could ever instill in myself. You are truly a blessing to me and so many others. Thank you so much.
Elisa Ring



Thank you so much Fara for the beautiful reading! My sister, Erika and my husband, Michael truly appreciated receiving your gift as well.
Kristi Sams-Maki


Fara, oh Fara dear! I truly can’t thank you enough for doing such a fantastic reading! It was great to feel like I actually was able to hear my dad talking to us again for the 1st time in 5 years! For once in 5 years I don’t feel this overwhelming, heavy, guilty burden on my shoulders anymore! It was such an incredible time, I truly can’t tell you enough just how BAD I really needed that so called… closure. I can honestly say I’m so blessed God gave me (or I picked)? Such an awesome family to have! I will NEVER EVER be able to repay my sister Kristi and my brother in law Michael for what they did for me that day!!! This was just such an amazing gift that no amount of money could EVER show them my gratitude and true thanks for the opportunity in meeting you!! Also, thanks to our dear loved ones in heaven for coming through, for you to bless us in such a way! Thank you again my Earth Angel!!
Erika Sams-Nelson


Thank you so much Fara for honoring Joe our son in such a beautiful way. You made two parents very happy today and feeling blessed. Blessings to you and all you do in the lives of so many Fara..
XXOO Alie, Kip, Lauren (and Joe!!!)


I want to thank you for a great reading, I was a skeptical, into the reading you and Dillon kept bringing things up that only Dillon would know, after the reading my wife and I left. My son was still with me until we got home. Thank you for a great reading.
Tony De La Torre


Becky is a sister to me not through blood but love having known her since the early 1980’s. Although we live in different states and do not see each other often, I know, all too well, the struggles she has emotionally since Jonathan’s passing, the heartache she has to try and get though and this no easy task. I am so very happy that you were able to give Becky and Ed something they needed so badly to help cope with such a great loss . I Thank You for giving them this, a true blessing. I have told her before that although no one ‘truly’ knows her pain of losing Jonathan, I feel her pain and wish I could take it from her but she needs to talk about it to help her because Jonathan does not want his Mom hurting like she does. She is one tough cookie but no one is this tough. She as been there for me in the years since the greatest loss of my life and I will ‘always’ be here for her as well. Thank You again for giving them such an amazing and wonderful visit from their baby Jonathan
Carrie Judkins Belvill


Thank you so much fara. We both found peace and healing today. We will never be able to thank you enough! It means the world to us. Thank you again!!!

Abby Marie Felder


Fara!! We sat together for the rest of the afternoon just talking,crying,and laughing together… Our family is extremely close and today was a day of healing for us. There were so many times today that one of us would say something about the reading like I can’t believe she said something about my tattoo, or about her piercings, we did have a good laugh at how he said that he was sending a piece of him with the baby and “good luck with that” !!! Love you Fara, you made my heart smile again!!
Shelly Trapp


After taking some time to let everything absorb from the reading yesterday, I wanted to take a minute to thank you again so very much. I can’t explain how much it means to me that you were able to talk with him and let us know things we needed to know and verify that he is happy and ok and all around us all the time. He was not only my brother, but he was my only sibling and my best friend. When Sasha passed away I was completely heart broken and felt like a part of me died with her, and then my brother passed away 10 days later and another part of me died….they were both so very special and important to me so to lose both of them within two weeks of each other was and has been the hardest thing to go through. Nothing can compare to having them back, but it brings me some peace to know that they are both around and that he has her, I at least have that…. Also with having a baby boy on the way and knowing that Nate has been with him and has held him and knows he’s definitely going to share qualities of him makes me feel even more happiness. I’m just at a loss of words as to how much this meant to me, my mom, and grandma. I wanted this soo very much but even more so for my mom and grandma so they could get and find some peace as well…. Again I thank you soo much and am very grateful for you and in helping us to connect with him and Sasha….
Angela Gunderson


Today I went for the group reading. And the haunting question “why” was finally answered. My dad took his own life January 4th. With no warning to anyone. He was my rock. I was in the middle of a divorce from my 31 year marriage and then this. He had been my support person for my entire life. Devastation to the core of my soul is what I felt when I got the news. Through Fara my Dad answered so many questions and she assured me he is still here and is watching over us. It isn’t the same as being able to converse back and forth (I carry on a lot of one sided conversations with him
Now ha) and I will miss his hugs til the day I take my last breath but I Know he will be there waiting for me and he is here with me every single day. Thank you so much Fara. He was an incredible man and I’m glad you got to meet him today!
Jenny Johnson


Fara Thank you so much for what you did for me today…you are an angel. I have been in so much pain and guilt and you helped me feel so much better. Hopefully I can start to heal. You have an amazing gift! Being able to talk to my husband today meant more to me that you will ever know! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Geri Alfredson


I cannot stress the amount of healing that can be received from a session. I know, I received so much from my session with Fara. I was so blessed by the validations and confirmations that were given, I was truly ready and needed them at that time. Grief is so difficult to go through and understand but with help available through genuine and true earthly Angels like Fara we can have peace and gain much understanding. I am forever grateful to you and your work Fara. Thank you always – may God continue to bless you and your wonderful work you do for people!
Cecelia Henry


Fara (my angel) just recently connected me with my children, grandmother, and my best friend (cousin) and it was the most amazing hour of my life!!! For a moment I wanted time to freeze forever as so I could be with my family—I couldn’t end the skype session as Fara had to hang up. When the screen went blank it was then that I realized that I Fara had just given me the most profound gift I’d ever receive in my lifetime–it was a gift of certainty that my family is always with me, they see me, they love me, but most importantly, that they are happy and safe in heavens arms. This beautiful gift made me understand to live my life to the fullest with my beautiful earth family with a sense of peace I’d not felt in years. My heart feels strong; it feels healed. Lol–just this week I have had 2 coworkers to tell me I have a glow upon my face they’ve never seen- one even said ‘you have that pregnancy glow about you!” While me being pregnant is not possible-I just giggled and said “no-I just feel alive and a different kind of happiness I hadn’t felt in years!” See…that hour spent with Fara and my family has given me a life time of happiness. Hugs!!!
Missie Bray


Fara…How can I begin to THANK YOU for your gift…for allowing me almost an hour with Roger? I feel so blessed to have found you. The validations you gave took my breath away. I was very happy to hear from my Grandparents too! You truly are an ANGEL here on earth.

Joan Grandy


Thank you from the Bottom Of My Heart! Thank you for helping me release this pain I’ve carried with me the last 4 years. You have blessed me beyond any words could ever explain. God Bless you and your beautiful family. My Heart will forever hold a place for you and I’ll forever be grateful for the gift you have given me.
Sara Sempter


I am Missie’s sister and I wanted to thank you for not only helping her but for helping our entire family. You have answered so many questions and given us a peace that words can’t describe. Thank you for showing us that love truly has no boundaries. Thank you for giving my sister a piece of her heart back.
Renea Atkinson Adams



Thank you so much Fara for our reading. It feels so good to know my brother didn’t suffer and is in heaven.
Thank you!
Jamie Allec



I am so thankful you were/are there for us. You have (and are) guided us through such turbulence that left unguided we would still be floundering, asking and wondering.
I am glad we found you.
Whenever someone has lost someone from the physical world I tell them about you.
They have all been impressed.
Great job!
Phyllis Fuglie


Thank You SO Much. You don’t know how much this meant to me and how much it relieved my mind. Maybe I can start healing now. Just knowing he’s okay, and that he’s here messing with my lights at least I know he’s watching over me lol. . I have had so much anger and hate and guilt for eight months now, I have literally been sick from it. I honestly believe now I can start healing and I owe it all to you.
Jacqueline Rene Wright-Brown


Thank you so much Fara! Words can’t express the amazing gift you have. Thank you for your kind words and also communicating Jason’s beautiful words to me.

I hope he’s found a bench and is keeping it warm for me. Waitin on a woman…
Sarah Van Steen


Thank you so much …I have some peace now. Forever grateful. God Bless you and your family. You are so special.

Beth Sagnelli


Thank you so much Fara. I needed this so much last night. She was my daughter and best friend. I am so lost without her. Knowing she is still with me and sees me and hears me is beautiful.
Mike Gage


You are so precious, Fara! How blessed I feel to have you in my life. My reading in February helped me to stop blaming myself for not saving my daughter daily. I was beating myself up 24/7 since August. By the time I got to you I was in such deep despair I didn’t believe I would ever have peace. But all that changed when you helped me connect to my daughter and she gave me so much love and peace and comfort that day. I still have dark days and slip back into self blaming at times, but it’s not like it was and that frees me to feel her presence and her love all around me. I miss her so much every minute of every day. Thank you for being the loving, nurturing giving woman that God blessed us with.

Cathy Buchheit


Thank you for your time. This moment definitely brought her to me. This process has been tough and the last 11 years without her haven’t been easy. This meeting brought a lot of validation to what I knew in heart was true.
Thank you for making me feel like I was actually having a conversation with my mom. It’s been a very long time since I felt she could actually respond to me.

Jenny Pereda



I could never in a million years thank you Fara, for this beautiful reading. It has given me peace in my heart to know my beautiful mom is happy and whole again, I look forward to the day of being with her again, but until than shes always just a heart beat away. Thank you.

Cindy Perez


I want to thank you again Fara for Your precious gift to so many here on this earth that is struggling from loosing a loved one ! I have 4 sons and even though loosing one of my babies in the natural I know he is still with me and his family I was starting to doubt God and life ! But you see God puts people like you in our paths to help us to move on and be happy again ! The validations that we got and still getting lets me know there is a better place but we have to wait our turn and when Gods ready it will be perfect ! I pray that my reading helps another mother , brother , sister or dad ! His time was up and I know now he’s at peace with Jesus ! I will forever love my son Thank you Fara …. You truly are an Angel that walks this earth
Tina Page


Thank you so much for your time this morning Fara. It was incredible to connect with my loved ones. You have been given a beautiful gift and I am so glad that you have chosen to share it with others. For that I am blessed and very grateful.
And thank you for the summary…a wonderful bonus :-).
Take good care. I know our paths will cross again. 🙂
Much love and light,
Deb Orr


Fara , how do I explain how fear and sadness turns to Peace and Joy and even some laughter now after my time with you and your beautiful gift to me tonight. I feel so blessed, and I have to tell you, I will still “talk” to my Moms things but now I chuckle instead of wonder if she hears me. My beautiful baby sisters are with her and I will continue to “carry” them with me every moment of my life. Thank you, and God bless you…
Chryl Newton


Thank you so much I enjoyed my reading and actually wasn’t expecting so much info but I loved it… 🙂 and thank you so much I look forward to a future reading
Edith Subia



Thank you Fara for an amazing reading yesterday! Feel so blessed.
Ellen Frezzi


I can’t thank you enough, Fara! The last 11 and a half months have difficult. I knew Larry was with me, but listening today was just amazing. I know without a doubt, he’s here with us and hopefully I can do things now, knowing he really is here. I will always miss his physical presence and there will always be that hole in my heart. You gave me hope and encouragement and for that I am truly grateful! May God Bless you!

Wanda Smith


I can’t thank you enough, Fara! The last 11 and a half months have difficult. I knew Larry was with me, but listening today was just amazing. I know without a doubt, he’s here with us and hopefully I can do things now, knowing he really is here. I will always miss his physical presence and there will always be that hole in my heart. You gave me hope and encouragement and for that I am truly grateful! May God Bless you!

Wanda Smith


Hi Fara,
Thanks so much for your time and the reading this afternoon!
I did not properly express my appreciation but I was very emotional at the time.
I really do appreciate you and what you have done for me.
Sonya Roth



Fara, I know how happy this mama was hearing from her son.. I don’t know if you will ever fully understand the joy that you bring to us..And to me.. God bless you Fara..
Dandy Lion


For those of you that have never had a reading, It’s like having a conversation with them again. I even asked my son a question and he answered it. Thank you Fara, thanks for sharing your gift with all us that have been out here hurting. You a truly a godsend to many.
Sandi Rogers


Fara I wont stop thanking you. THank you again for this. I hope this brings SOME peace to everyone who expirienced what my family has. I feel 100xs better because of all this. I just want anyone skeptical person out there to know that I was a tiny bt skeptic at first but Fara brought up things that she would know nothing about bcz they were not just my own personal thoughts but things we did and did not share with anyone or on any social media bcz as parents and sister we wanted to keep some memories just to ourselves. SO when Fara brought up the blanket for instance; I was like there is no way she would know that. Also, Gaige’s name engraved on metal….that is his dads project and I have not even take a picture of it to brag about his accomplishments to anyone. The only people who have seen the engravin are me, my sister and his friend. All just saw it and commented on it no pictures were taken or shared with anyone. Basically; I feel tons better. Still wish I can hold and hear my Gaigeo (nickname) but knowing he is around is an amazing gift thanks to Gaige and Fara. These pictures are a glmipse of this kid. He was always trying to get attention. Always saying we hated him. We would always reply, we love u Gaige. His Dad even would mess with him when Gaige would yell, “I hate YOU!” His dad would respond with “I LOVE YOU TOO!” love u all. I am so glad Fara sensed his personality. She described his personality to the T. I laughed bcz he was VERY special and there is no one out there like this kid.
Carla Acosta


I must say you have brought an inner peace to my soul, something I thought I would never feel again. This morning instead of waking up crying I found myself smiling. The energy in the room felt just like Drew was there in the room with me. Well we know he was because there is no way you could have seen what I was holding. Bless you Fara you are so amazing!!!!
Karren Warren



Thank you Fara. Thank you for the beautiful work you do and for doing this for my family. You have brought us an experience so wonderful that words fail me. Thank you seems like so little but is all I can repeat. I look forward to speaking with you again.

Have a good night.


Fara knew nothing about what happened. She gave me a hope that again I cant explain. She spoke of things that only if she were with us would she know. Ciara spoke thru Fara. I thank you from the depths of my heart for the comfort and the ability to just breath normal. What has happened is going to take a long time to heal but I now believe my daughter is safe in Heaven and will forever be around me….I love you my beautiful CiCi….All the way to Heaven and all the way Back xxx

Mike Gage and Kim Mathis


Since my reading, I have come to the realization that I want to make my husband (Michael) proud of me. When God closed the door, calling Michael, he opened another.
I am dating a friend I knew about 13 years ago. We worked at the Town of Carolina Beach, NC at the same time. Since we were both married, we were only acquaintances. Now that we have met again, I have been blessed with a relationship that could only have been heaven sent …. Danny.
I really feel Michael had something to do with us reuniting, because Danny and I needed each other.
I never believed in God so strong as I do now. He has brought me through Michael’s death and showed me that he ALWAYS takes care of us. Even if you don’t believe in him, he believes in you.
Someone told me that if my faith was strong and grew each day, God would bestow blessings on me. My faith is constant and grows each day. God doesn’t have to bestow anything on me. It is just a blessing to know He is there and I can always rely on Him.
Our wedding vows say that you should love each other and keep yourself, unto them until death parts us. Death may have parted us, but I will love Michael forever, no matter were each of of is.
So thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing Michael and myself back together for our hour. I miss him with every ounce of my being! I understand now, what “soul mates” mean.
Connie Gray


Thank you Fara!! Thank you so very much for all the validation today, you are an amazing person! I hope to again soon be able to contact you with more readings/messages from my loved ones whom I miss so very dearly! Today started as very nervous and then ended as one of my most happiest days in awhile! I was so concerned that my mom would come out of all this with peace and I’m so happy to say she did! She has struggled so much with all this and not being with him when he took his last breath so to touch on that was amazing! I really can’t thank you enough and express to you how grateful I am.

Much love,


Fara, Thank you so much! I don’t even know what to say, I feel a peace that I haven’t felt since Tim died. I just can’t thank you enough.

Mandy Gresham



Fara you are such a beautiful person and soul…I feel like you are always there. You are so special to me. It just makes me feel so good to read about your readings that people let you share. Each one of those people help others. Bless each and every one of them and you with your wonderful gift. We are all so blessed! I feel you are such a good friend and I feel very blessed knowing you. God sure made a special person when you were born!!!! How proud your mom and dad should be!

Rina Pyles Brandt



Hello Fara… I want to thank you and my husband for my reading last evening. It has validated the fact that he is with me each and everyday with everything I do. It has also eased a lot of my worries and concerns and answered a lot of my questions. I also have learned a few things about the grieving process from you and how to deal with it and I thank you for that. I’m hoping to move forward from this day on.
Thank u Fara for a wonderful reading….it gives me great comfort to realize that my husband is with me each and every day !!

Debra Wright 02-09-2015


I feel so blessed to have spent the time we had together today with Shelley shining her love light all around me with validation after validation. Her love and support today through you was a soothing balm on my shattered heart. I feel a peace and hope for the first time since I lost her five months ago. I have been in despair and feeling I failed her because I could not save her but she rescued me from that burden of guilt today and now my heart is full. Full of love for her and from her. I spent the evening sharing my experience with a close friend. We cried together for the beautiful messages that came through. I take comfort in the heart-felt words you’ve shared. I hope that in sharing our story that someone can gain hope, help, peace, comfort as I have today for the first time since my baby girl went to heaven.
Cathy Buchheit


I have been trying so hard to make my angel husband so proud of me and I want him to live a great angel life thru my eyes here on earth I don’t want him to miss a moment of our families earthly life..he wouldn’t want it any other way not saying some days are not hard cause they truly are but I try to replace all negative thoughts with happy memories of him and I and our family that is truly what he would want for us to be happy after all like you say I didn’t love him the day or how he died I loved him from the moment we met and all the laughs and smiles and love and things he taught me in life..but I have to say..I truly would not be this way if it wasn’t for you fara..and all my family and friends which for that I am very great full I am blessed to have such awesome family for support which I know not everyone has thank you so much fara

Terrie Anderson Heaps


Thank you, Fara for the time we spent together this evening. Your validations were beyond my expectations! I always felt he was with me, now I know for sure. I miss him daily, but I also know he is with me in everything I do. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful gift. God Bless you and your family. (I loved the part about the donuts)
Judie Hogg


I want to thank you SO much for the reading on Thursday January 22 2015. The more I think about it and go over it the more it amazes me! To the skeptics: I had never talked to or met Fara before so she knew nothing about me. The validations I received were entirely accurate. Fara has a wonderful gift and I’m so happy she chose to share it with us. I’m so happy to know my Sweetie is still with me in spirit as well as my Mom:)
Thanks again Fara. I’m forever grateful:)
Michele Robertson



Thank you so much for my reading on Thursday! It was a great experience and I am a bit less skeptical! Most of the time, I believe there is an “other side” and my loved ones are there. Sometimes when I really think about it all, it seems too fantastical too be true…….
Thank you for your patience and kindness!



Blanca Zaragoza


Thank u Fara for today!! It really meant a lot to both Scott Campbell and I! We would both love to do some private readings with u…obviously we have some adamant loved ones in heaven that we’d love to hear more from! It feels good to get the confirmation that they’re still with us even though we do feel them all the time!! U ROCK!!
Kari Lynn Plo


Thank you so much for today’s reading my heart and soul really needed to hear from my friend. Please let me know when the next group reading is.

Stephanie Kutz


Thank you sooo much Fara!!! You gave me some priceless validations that I know will help me heal!! I love Clay and miss him soo much, but I am grateful my grandparents brought him through for me. Thank you again. You definetly are an angel God sent to help others heal.

Antoinette Palmeri



Fara. Today is my 61st birthday, last year I was in a lost place, so sad and broken, this year I am celebrating my day with my loved ones on earth and in heaven !!! That is how far I have come in healing and you have helped me so much. Today I feel positive, I feel the love of all my family and friends and my angels. I’m going out today , I’m going to have a good time, I’m taking my angels with me in my heart, you have given me a big pot of healing cream for my heart, every time you post a little bit more healing cream is rubbed on my heart by my angels, I’m ready to live my life ,honouring my angels and making them proud, feeling positive and thankful to GOD today, Noel sent you to me I’m sure of that, as you are sent by angels to help many,you are our earth angel, many hugs
Corinne Johnson


Thank you Fara I wouldn’t be where I am today without ALL the help you have given to me..I was so alone before your reading and your help there are not enough words to express my feelings before and after you TRULY ARE AN EARTHLY ANGEL

Terrie Anderson Heaps


Fara, wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you so much for last …night at Daniella’s get together. We enjoyed it so much and look i am looking forward to our next get together. <3

Tobie Denney



Thank so so much for today. It has been a wonderful and difficult day. A lot of crying and tears. I knew he was in heaven I just knew it but to actually know his is there is huge to me. I have felt so responsible for his death I just knew it was my fault for not being there or doing something to help or stop him. I have lost all of my family grandparents, parents, and a son. I was able to get through all of the deaths but his. I still to this day know the years, months, days, and minutes of his death. He was my first born and I felt such a connection to him. He had alcohol addiction for so many years. We sent him to numerous rehab places only to have him come home clean and sober and eventually fall off the wagon. I still miss him so much and I still feel so responsible. Today, I felt some peace my baby is with my parents in heaven and he will be there waiting for me.I am sure you have heard this before but today, you really made a difference in my life.I thank you for the bottom of my heart.





You were awesome last night 🙂 thank you ? you are so sweet, personable, and made us all feel comfortable 🙂
I wish you the best 🙂
Maybe I’ll see you again down the road for help hehe

Daniella Bravata


I can’t thank you enough for all the validations that my son is still with me. Fara you brought me so much peace this morning and eased some of the pain I have been carrying around with me. I know my son is with me still…,and am so happy for him that he has his hair back ?
Thank you thank you thank you ! You are truly a Living Angel xo
Gail Kiener



Fara, once again, thank you for sharing your gift with us. Until I had a reading, I thought I was doing “fairly ok”. Since the reading, the peace that overtakes you is indescribable. The knowledge I’ve gained that we write our own lives and 5 exits means no one can stop you from dying if it’s the exit you’ve picked. It’s also helped me in my life when I get tired and frustrated and mad. I just say, “Sandi, you wrote this life for yourself, it will be ok”. I understand death, spiritual beings and angels on a deeper level. Thanks for giving me that through one reading, Fara. I could’ve read all the books in the world and never “gotten” it.

Sandi Rogers



This is Greg , just got done with a reading with u. What u gave me tonight was priceless, as I lay here crying, knowing that my family has not been taken away from me forever. Now I can look forward to my visits with my family. I did not get to say goodbye to any of them, but knowing that they know I love them and me knowing they love me, takes my guilt away from not saying goodbye to them. Again thank u very much. I will be in touch.




As silly as this sounds ::especially with you constantly reiterating that you’re NOT tryin to sway/discredit one’s beliefs:: it is through you that I found God again. And have made for darn sure my babies know him too. Thank you so SO much!

Charlene Brown McElroy



Fara, when I found mention of your website on Facebook I immediately went to it. I just felt you were the right person to speak to about our beautiful granddaughter, Kaitlyn. I was not disappointed. You provided much needed reassurance that she is in God’s hands and with other beloved family members. Though I will miss her til the day I die and probably still cry, I know she is in good hands. Look forward to speaking to you again.
Bonnie Creamer


Wow! You gave me more peace and laughter than I’ve had in months since her death! Thank you! I really feel I got to spend a few hours with my grandma today and don’t feel as lonesome for her knowing she’s here :). Thank you for healing my heart in so many ways. It was truely a blessing to talk to you today
Kasey McCullough


I just want to share my testimonial for you. My Story goes as follows. I met Fara through my Husband. My Husband was working one day and Fara came up to him and gave him some information in regards to our love ones. He came home and told me about it of course I was Skepit. Then I have a reading with Fara and to my amazement this woman was the real thing. There was no way she could of own what she was telling me. Fara you have made me a believer in the spirits. You are my Angel and I look forward to another reading with you and/or your group meeting.




I’ve always been a believer in what you do but never trusted anyone enough to give them my money to do a reading. I was totally guided to your page and knew immediately that at some point I would have a reading with you. It just “felt” perfect. I know so many people are skeptics and I understand that. But, I also will only share my experience with those that get it. I don’t even remember how I found your page but I think Jason led me to it. I needed peace and I got that after our reading. You are the real deal and I will be forever grateful they you have this ability and are so willing to share it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Sandi Rogers


The reading you gave us confirmed what my heart already knew. The pain of losing a child is one nothing on earth can ever compare to, but hearing what my daughter had to tell you just reaffirms that she is always near and hears all the I love you’s I give her. This being my 3rd year without her I used her clothes to make owls for my family. I was so therapeutic and healing. Thank you for the gift of peace <3
Robin Cox



Thank you so much Fara! What a way to start this new year, knowing my husband is watching over me and all of my loved ones! You are truly an angel!! ?
Vicki Stratton



I don’t quite know how to put into words how I feel about your post Fara. You are so incredible, loving, perceptive and giving. You have used your gift to help so many people that you don’t even know you have done. So many of us love to read every word you write daily and look forward to the happiness you are able to share with us from those you help. We are helped just by your positive and loving attitude and again that gift!!! What a bonus for all of us. You have and continue to teach me so much and make me think about so many things I am not sure I have ever givin thought to. You have shared so much and taught so many that our loved ones are with us still and opened so many hearts that have closed down due to grief. Happy New Year to you and your family and may you recieve as many blessings as you give. Thank you wonderful earth Angel.
Marcella Curry


Dear Fara, thank you so much for the messages you brought to me through spirits that have gone on. It was such a blessing to me knowing that my son and husband are together and that they continue to watch over us. My husband loved me so much, I just feel like I had that true unconditional total love once and won’t ever get it again. I miss him so so much. I give you permission to tell my story, if you would just use CC as my name.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.
God Bless you!





Wow. That is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much Fara. I am so glad that the people my mom needed most to come through, came through. You are phenomenal. I can’t say thank you enough. My mom told me this is the best gift she has ever been given and I’m glad you were able to be a part of that. Thank you sooooo much!!! Have great holidays!
-Nadine J



I thank you from the bottom of my broken heart for your reading today. “Talking” with our Tyler was the best present anyone could have given us. You truly are a miracle worker, as you were able to understand his messages to us. His personality with his sense of humor came through, and he talked about things that only we would have known about. Again, thank you as you have allowed everyone’s heart that loved him to be a little lighter tonight.

Vicki Campbell



Hi Fara! Not sure if you remember me but we did a Facebook message reading a few months back where my stillborn son came through. One thing you had mentioned was bright colorful pinwheels. It was confusing to me because while I had considered placing one at his grave site, it was a quick passing thought. It didn’t make sense to me until thanksgiving day. That day, we participated in a 5k walk in honor of him, with the local group Infants Remembered In Silence (IRIS) and there they had a table full of colorful pinwheels that the kids could write on and decorate with markers. And for some reason, my kids and niece were really drawn to that table and made several. It all made sense to me! On that day, in -13 weather, we walked our 5K and I know Karson was with us
Rachel Concannon


I want to thank you for an incredible reading! I appreciate every word! Thank for letting me know I did well by my dad! I talked(cried) with my sister , have not talked with my mom yet. When she comes over I will. There r things you related to me that there is no way you could have known. The lovely girl that sang to him the night before he past, placing the ornaments on the tree at his grave yesterday..did not even tell my husband or kids that I did that. I will let everyone that wants contact with love ones to call you. I am going to have my husband contact you as well. Thank you again for everything! I look forward to keeping in touch with you! Merry Christmas!



Fara, Thank you do much for the amazing reading today. You truely are blessed with a gift. I am so happy my husband & Dad came through. Again, thank you very much!!!!

Debbie Squeo


fara I just want to tell you thank you for helping me find closure at tonights reading you are truly amazing… knowing that my love one’s that have passed are still with us is such a wonderful feeling.


Savanna Moss


What an amazing gift. After the reading I could feel much of the anger, bitterness and anxiety ease from my soul.
Alicia Passmore


I was lucky enough to have won a free reading from this wonderful woman and it was very healing. I got to connect with my love. I will be forever grateful for Fara literally dropping into my life! much love!
Jamie Trinnaman


She made me feel so wonderful no one knows some of the things Fara told me I miss my son so much but this reading shows me he Really is with me all the time thank you so much fara
Tina Ruiz Cavazos


I was just listening to this song by Jeff Bates called “If Heaven ha…d a Phone.” I’ve always said if only Heaven had a phone… All I need is to just talk to my Mom! I just thought wait, Heaven does have a phone…through Mediums 🙂 I mean it’s not the most perfect communication like you would have with them in everyday life, but it’ll definitely work for now! I’ll tell you thank you forever for my reading! I’m still on cloud nine about it 🙂

Leah Gage


Thank you Fara Gibson She Talks To Angels- Psychic Medium for the special gift you gave me tonight,To hear my Alan is healthy and happy in Heaven,God bless you for your wonderful gifts. My soul mate is watching and with me..for ever grateful to you Fara
Rhonda Vinyard Petrancosta


Fara~ Thank you so much foe your time tonight. It brings me so much peace when I am able to connect with my husband.
You are clearly a blessing to so many and I now include myself in this category.

Thank you so much!!!


Letting me know my son is in heaven was a gift I can never repay its beyond measure.I will forever miss my sons sweet physical presence but I have peace now knowing his spirit lives on. Thank you. PS I still have the spaghetti salad, he can laugh as much as he wants too!
Angela Model Barnett


Fara, you did it once again, all the therapist, all the pain, all the suffering my daughter has had to go threw, watching her go from laughing and climbing trees to being distant, and worse than hopeless, You gave my daughter more peace in that reading than any Dr./therapist/30 day treatment programs! You made her smile like I used to see, you lifted alot of wieght off her heart.Thankyou Fara, thanku to My husband, for shining still, God Fara words can not express the gratitude.God Bless you, emilys mom


I justed wanted to Thank You again ! I hope you know you saved me.! …The guilt I have been carring since my son’s suicide had put me in a very dark place ! Since my reading am doing so much better ! I still miss my son and cry daily but I don’t have that guilt in my heart anymore ! I now know am ready to start my healing !! Thank you so much and God bless you !!
Dickie Guerra



Wow…Fara…my reading was amazing…the tears I had during my reading were tears of joy. ..you Vala dated so many things to me it was like I spent the whole time talking to my husband..I have so much peace after this reading…I know my husband is and always will be here with me and our family…thank you for making me feel so warm….and thank you jimmy for coming thru for me I love you just as much today as the day we met our love is infinity. ..until we meet again

Terrie Anderson Heaps



I wanted to thank you for the conversation yesterday. I was missing my husband very much. It was very comforting to hear from him. Thanks for connecting us. My husband died doing what he loved…riding his bicycle. Thanks again for giving me a sense of comfort during a very hard time in my life.

Alicia Lomas




Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.


Thank-you for the wonderful reading this evening…I’m feeling so much peace tonight.
Don Fushtey


I truly, truly appreciate you , you are a Godsend, please don’t go away, or get so famous that you become unreachable, I have literally just stopped crying ever day for the last 2 years since our reading, but I continue to see my son and daughter’s daily struggle, wich has caused even more pain, her with her suicide attempts and him with his violent temper, I realize the only thing I can do is change and heal with the hope they will follow, you are an inspiration to me and a Godsend, there has been no better therapy than the time I spent talking with you, I cannot wait until we speak again.again just following you gives me inspiration and hope for healing, with all my GRATITUDE AND LOVE,


Thank you so much Fara… I know Momma is always with me but my sister really needed to hear what you told us. So many years of unspoken things were cleared up. And to hear from our sister who has recently passed was awesome. We also needed to hear that we are doing things right by her which we now know is being done. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.
Darlene Icenbice Larson


October 23rd, 2014
Thank you so much I can’t explain how I feel it’s like if we both sat down after so long and talk about all this I felt him really close when I was on the phone with you, I just ask my youngest daughter n she confirmed what you just told me and she was crying this is very weird because my oldest one has always been the one taking it very hard my youngest never cries or talks about dad she was only 1 year when he died so when I told her she was over
overwhelmed….. You cannot imagine the happiness you bring to people’s life after a reading…

Teresa Padilla


This reading was one of the most special things that has happened to me. Thank you Fara. I’m sorry that I haven’t really said anything until now. I had a lot to process. You connected me with my husband…my love. Who I miss more than I can verbalize. You have helped answer a very important question. I already knew the answer but you and Steve together helped with some of my pain. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You and your angels. Much love and many blessings <3
Jamie Koonce Trinnaman


Thank u so much for this Fara!!! I forever will keep this close feeling I have right now!! I am so thankful for your help!! God bless u, and thank u again!! U truly have a gift!
Lauren Balzano


I am so grateful you helped Amanda to connect with my grandbaby. Some life situations have been very devastating lately, and I could feel so much negative energy being lifted from her. Namaste.

Don Balzano


This was such amazing blessing to be able to have you tell me all these wonderful things of my baby girl!! We love her so much and thank you for helping me.. Making me see happiness in such a dark place..
Amanda Balzano


It was about a year ago that I was at my lowest. My father had past a couple years past, I was in a bad relationship, and just scared. I sat by my father’s grave and asked for strength and guidance to be the woman he raised me to be. A happy, loving, strong lil girl 🙂 While tears streaming down my face, I asked that he help me find love that he had with my mom. A real love, a strong, healthy, true love. A year later I am happily married to who was my best friend a year ago and now my wife! Nobody ever knew about that day at his graveside….it was only Paps and I, talking as we always do. Fara told me that my dad sent my wife to me! It took my breath away! So thank you Fara, thank you for my Brown Butterfly! It gives me such peace to know my Paps is listening and still taking care of me. xo

Anchors Away…… 10-05-2014


Thank you so much for helping me connect with my family today! You have made such a huge difference.

I am very pleased with you and would like to talk later on in time.

Again I thank You for your precious time and help..
Darlene 09-27-2014


September 19, 2014
I want to say that I am very impressed with the many talents, Mrs. Fara Gibson has. She speaks to angles and I, among many others, have had the special opportunity to witness first hand. Mrs. Fara did a reading from my Father, Randy Locke, who passed on Christmas last year from cancer. My father was a devoted and due hard Christian who always said watch out for those type for people. Boy was he wrong..lol my father never spoke much and if he did it was always about god. The day of my amazing reading, his energy was strong and he wanted Fara to validate things only I would know. Boy was she dead on. The kicker was that all the men in my family have a crooked toe and I was wearing shoes so, Fara had no way of knowing they were crooked but dear old dad sure made sure she mentioned it..lol I am such a strong believer in all this now thanks to Fara Gibson u truly are very gifted my friend. Don’t ever lose u r innocence Fara, u help so many people and once u give a reading people are changed for life. I know I am and thank you for that and thank you for being my friend. You Truly are amazing.
Martin locke


I first met Fara at my husbands 50th birthday party. It was then that I found out she was a medium. I’ve always been interested in mediums and psychics but I’ve never talked to one until that night. Fara is the type of person that once you talk to her you immediately feel like you’ve known her your whole life, she’s just that easy to be with. We ‘friended’ each other on facebook and messaged each other now and then. One night I had a dream that Fara was at a party with me, and my parents were there. Fara went up to my dad and said “I don’t know if you know but I’m a medium do you mind if I say something?”. Now my dad has been ill for a number of years, and there were a couple of times where we thought we were going to lose him, but he’s always managed to pull through. My dad is also not one who believes in anything he can’t see, so when he said (in my dream) “no, I don’t really want to hear it”, it was about dead on for him. Fara continued and said “well I just want you to know that you’re surrounded by angels”. This was a bizarre dream for me so the next day I messaged Fara to share it. She got a kick out of it and then asked me who the woman was who was my age but had died from breast cancer. I had recently found out my old Real Estate partner had died from breast cancer. Fara then asked who the little girl was who was with her, I had lost a baby 12 years before. Then the most unusual thing, Fara said “she keeps showing me skiing and she won’t let up”. When I had found out that my friend had passed I went on her facebook page to find out any information I could and the only picture I could really find of her was her and her family on a ski trip. I knew Fara was the ‘real deal’ before this (several of my friends had had readings with her and raved about them) but I never really thought there was anyone out there who would come through for me, so I’d never asked for a reading. I continue to be amazed at Fara’s gift and her incredible spirit, and am so glad I can call her a friend.


Keli Amparan


I have had many people ask me about my friend Fara Gibson She Talks To Angels- Psychic Medium. She is truly legit. She read me and my Mother and knew things that I had forgotten about until she mentioned them. Its more then a reading with her, you will feel lighter and your path becomes much clearer. I believe in her. She isn’t about making you believe or not she is about receiving the message and… telling you so you may understand and use the information to move forward. If your life changes in that moment and you understand the message and your path has came much clearer , then just know that what was said is exactly what you needed to hear to move forward.

Deanna V


Well I always am excited to see what u have post every day. Just wanted to let you know u have opened my eyes to a lot of new looks in life and it’s amazing to see so clear now. Just wanted u to know how u touch people’s lives in ways u may never hear about but u have changed mine and for that I am for eve greatful.

Martin Locke


Fara has bought so much joy and closure to not only myself but a few of my family members. We have suffered so much loss and pain in the past 11 years . Fara has been understanding , patient and kind. She knows how we are feeling .anytime I have needed her she has been right there , with guidence and kind words.my lost loved ones seem to feel very at home with coming thru to fara.we have shared laughter together , wich is a huge factor .I believe when people laugh together they are creating a bond. I can honestly say I LOVE YOU FARA!! thank you for all that you do , and for just being yourself . God bless.

Brittany walker


I for one recommend her she does a fantastic and thorough reading… and I was extremely impressed with the accuracy

Kristina Canvar


Fara, thank you for my reading, I feel so blessed to have found you! Then to read about the reading later….she is a wonderful lady & I’m so happy all 3 came through for her. I woke up thanking all you this morning, what a great day!

Becky P


Amen to this God send Fara Gibson, into our lifes to make a deference and to give us hope again 🙂 love you and thank you for everythimg you have done in our lifes. May God Bless you for ever:)

Cleo Palomino


Fara this is for you, I beleive this is the 1st day , since Beckys loss, that she has woke up and knew immediately what she is thankful for.

Candy Brown


After talking with my sister on her previous encounters with numerous ‘psychic mediums’ I was not expecting much. My sister told me to go for it. So I did. What I got from Fara was belief in her abilities as a psychic medium, and belief that my loved ones are doing ok on the other side. There were only two points that were brought up that I couldn’t validate at that point. Since my reading I know now that the one reference with my toes had to do with me getting cramps in my toes the day before the reading. Everything else with my best friend and my parents was right on and made me a believer in Fara. There is no way she could have known any of these things about me or them. I plan on another reading in the future. You won’t be disappointed in her ability to connect you with your loved ones, I promise you. She made a believer out of a true skeptic and made me feel better.

Kathy Prickett


So, Fara Gibson comes this evening to the flower shop, then Fara starts talking and touring my boutique. she is now rubbing her hands fast.This is her way of channeling spirit. Well let me tell you………My Mother and I have been talking alot about grandma and great grandma.They both came tonight to visit.Fara says who is the Woman in the moo moo.I laughed my mom had tears and Mom says thats my mother. Great Grandma showed Fara A pin cushion it was a red tomato.My Mom is now in tears.Both of my grandparents came to let my mom know to let go of the guilt. My Mom has been feeling so bad about a necklace and a photo that she no longer has.The grandparents said Let it go. Today after my mom made a cake mom went outside and a butterfly passed by. My mom said to herself huh I havent seen a butterfly in a long time.Fara said that my grandmother is showing her butterflies. My mother told her about the butterfly today and Fara said this is their way to let you know they are with you at that moment…Tonight she will sleep well and be happy. I will reflect on the day for years to come. Its been a miracle of a day.God bless us

Deanna Viggiani


I had my own reading a few weeks ago and the comfort it has brought to me is amazing. Fara, you truly have a gift and words can’t express how grateful I am that you were brought into my path. Each day that has passed since my own reading has been easier as I recall all the validations my brothers showed you. I know they are truly with me always. <3

Jamie Shahan


Hello Fara,

Thank you so much!
I just wanted to tell you how great it was to be able to hear from my closest cousin Stanley who passed away many years ago.
I had not been able to attend his funeral and I have been regretful and worried for the last 17 years about it.
When you were channeling his communication to me, I was so glad to find out that He understood why I couldn’t attend his funeral and let me know he was not mad or upset.
While you were channeling him, you mentioned several things that I knew only He would know about me. I know it was him because of what you were saying to me.

Thank you again for the wonderful experience of communicating with my Cousin that passed away.
I am looking forward to another appointment with you to be able to speak to my both my Grand Mothers who have passed on.


Stan G


Hi Fara! I’m pretty certain you know I finally talked to the cousins. I was a little nervous. It was exactly what they needed. I know it brought them great comfort knowing their dad is with them. You have a very special gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Francesca Kessel


I first must Thank you, for allowing me the opportunity to unite with so many people I have loved and lost. The emotions were strong, the visit was great the memories will last a lifetime. I now know that they haven’t left me just with me in a different way. Thank you for the healing the joy in my heart will last a lifetime. I continue to give your number and info to others.
Janice Denny


What an incredible feeling of peace that has come over me.. I will forever miss him… but I know he is with me forever!! Thank you Fara, not only are you a wonderful loving person inside & out. you are truly a wonderful friend. Thank you for your Support, Comfort, Love & Prayers I Love you lady!!
Carol Marroquin Maciel


Jul 22nd, 3:18pm
I hope you are going to get flooded with likes as I sent out several requests the other day and I just went trhough my friends list today and sent a whole lot more today. I was so touched and blessed by the reading that you did for my girlfriend Janice and how happy she was and at peace she was that the least I can do is share the word of the woman who helped her. I hope someday that I will be blessed by you as well. Have a blessed day!

Joan McCammant Hunt


Thank you for the great reading tonight that I was lucky enough to be sitting there at the table with two people you read. It was emotional, but there will be a lot of healing because of it!

Teri Golembiewski


Hey, thank you for helping me with my moms passing.
Sleepy Vidosola






Tony Randolph



After meeting with Fara, she starting receiving messages from my father that passed away some time ago. I was astounded at the details she gave me which only myself would have known. Fara is indeed an Angel from above and is fully blessed in every aspect of her gift. Thank you for giving me some closure which I’ve NEVER had since the day I Iost him. Thank you for this healing. I’ll always remember you!
Brian Beaver



I was referred to Fara after my close friend passed away. As I didn’t feel that this encounter with her could have been a coincidence, I was willing to listen to her and since that I feel truly relieved and better. All the things she told me from my loved one were totally plausible and she couldn’t have known any of the facts she brought up. I’m very pleased to have met her and hope this wasn’t our last reading. I wouldn’t do this with anyone who offers such a service, but Fara seems so trustworthy and honest that I had no doubt she would be the right one! A+!….. Chorea Ramirez


All I have to say is WOW! I never thought I’d be getting a reading in my lifetime. Boy was I wrong! While just “sitting in” on one of Fara’s readings, some messages suddenly came in for me! I was shocked and surprised at the messages that were things ONLY I would know. My belief system totally took a sharp U-turn and the impact Fara made in my life is unbelievably life-changing in the best possible way. You have my support on your journey and path 100% doll face. Your gift and blessings are bright and pure and definitely given to the right person! YOU ROCK FARA!!!!
Thank you!


A Few Months ago, on March 20, 2014, I was fortunate enough to have Fara share her gift with me – I am forever grateful for the message she was able to pass to me, and can honestly say it was life changing. I’m one lucky girl.


I personally wanted to thank you for what you did for my wife Qirsten Chesebro, she is still is awe with the information you shared with her about her Dad. You have a gift and I’m glad you are able to share it with others.
Thank You!
Dan Cheesebro


Thank you for sharing your amazing gift. You blessed Robin and Megan more than you can imagine.
Michelle A



!! Thank you Fara Gibson. It means more to me than you know.
Charles J. Northrop Jr



My first interaction with Fara was right after I had found out that my dad had passed away. My friend contacted her via Fb chat to see if she was available for a reading. Fara instantly replied that she was swamped with work, family and other events, and May 21 was the next available time. 10 minutes hadn’t gone by when she started to send messages back to us regarding my dad. The questions she asked and the things she told me, were spot on there is no way that she could have known of any of these things on her own. My mom even showed up to let me know she was watching over me. The fact of knowing that our loved ones are still with us has made a huge positive impact on my life. Without a shadow of a doubt, Fara has a remarkable gift and is a true blessing to many. My sincere gratitude and love goes out to Fara everyday {Jolene G} xoxoxo


Thank you Fara! I love you and am so very honored and proud to watch you in your journey helping others and to be a part of it! Thank you my friend!
Dottie Rankin