My Story

Then Until Now

My name is Fara

 I was born in 1977, in Phoenix Arizona. I am a Mother to some amazing children and a Wife to my Soul’s Mate Jim who supports me without question. I am a daughter, a sister, and a friend and even a Grandma. I am also, a Psychic/Medium.

I am asked all of the time, “When did you know that you were a Medium?” The answer to that question is not simple. I was born with the ability to receive messages from Heaven. Over the course of my life, through ups and downs, the ability to communicate with Heaven has always been there.

I don’t know that I always used it or acknowledged it as a child because I truly didn’t understand it. I heard spirit speaking to me, even at a young age. But, I don’t think I truly knew, in a world that being a Medium was so Taboo, what it was that was going on within me.

You see, I grew up in a home where life after physical death was not discussed. As a matter of fact, my Dad and I still don’t discuss my abilities lol. He says he doesn’t believe in psychics or Mediums and I am respectful of that. I will never try to change anyone’s mind with their beliefs, and I will never question another’s Faith, not even my own Father’s. It doesn’t mean that my Father loves me any less since we don’t share the same beliefs.

He supports and loves me in life, and that is what is important.

I can tell you that growing up for me was not easy. I wrote more obstacles into this life that I am living than some people write into 5 lives that they live. I know now, that all of those obstacles that I overcame in life would prepare me for something much bigger in life. I would need the experiences that I learned from in each obstacle in order to empathize with all of the people whose lives I would touch in my future.

The obstacles would make me strong enough to stand on my own two feet and take on the world as I set the goal of “Healing the World One Person at a Time”, with the support of Heaven. I would have a future filled with people who had many types of obstacles in their lives. If I could relate to all that they had been through, I suppose that would be easier right?

Well, it wasn’t easy as I went through it by any means lol, but I am thankful for every obstacle in my life as those obstacles have made me into the woman that I am today and I wouldn’t change one of them. (Don’t get me wrong, I never want to go back and do them again either ha ha)

A Message

I began to give specific messages to people here in the physical world from their loved ones in Heaven, in my late teens. I remember watching Television as a teen and seeing Sylvia Browne and John Edwards on their shows or on the Montel Williams Show for Sylvia and I thought to myself, “Whatever Disease it is that John and Sylvia have, is the same Disease that I have!!” They made me feel normal because they were the first I had seen who shared the same ability as I did. But, I had realized that in important times, I was able to give messages that saved lives here. 

When I did a reading back then, it was not because I had opened a public page and people were reaching out to schedule readings as they are today. Back then, it was a feeling so strong that I needed to give someone a message that I was literally unable to hold myself back from saying what it was to someone that I had to say, no matter what kind of reaction they may have had with me.

I will never forget at a young age, going up to a man whose mother had passed years before. I told him that I had his Mother with me in Spirit. She needed him to know that she was with him at her grave yesterday and she had heard the words that he had said to her. I will keep the rest of what I said private, as it was specific to him. But, when I was finished spouting out all that I had to say to this man, he said to me, “Can I tell you something?” I thought to myself, Oh, please do ha ha (It is pretty awkward at that age to have done something like this). He said, and I will never forget these words. “I was at my Mother’s grave yesterday and no one was at the graveyard when I visited her grave. I told her that my marriage was falling apart. I told her that my finances were in shambles. I then told her that I needed to know that she was with me because I was considering SUICIDE, and here you are, the very next day, telling me that you have my Mom with you and she heard me at her grave yesterday.”

That man is still alive today and is living a life in honor of his Mom to make her proud. How can you put into words, what it feels like to have connected this man with his Mother in Heaven?

I can’t put it into words, so, I don’t even try.

Introducing, My Abilities


 I suppose that as I introduce myself, I should also introduce my abilities as well. I have never been one to do lots of technical reading on the abilities that I have, so, knowing technical terms and in depth definitions is not my thing lol.

Instead, Let me explain it in a way that you will understand it. In my readings, and in speaking with my Spirit Guides, or God, or Jesus, or Angels, It first starts as a feeling that I begin to receive. I would explain this feeling by telling you that I begin to feel LOVE from head to toe that is filled with energy so strong that it will make the hairs stand up on your neck and arms.

I feel this energy because I am feeling Heaven.

I then begin to gain a knowledge of who it is that is coming through such as Male or Female and young or old or to the side which would be the same age as the client I am speaking to. If it is God, there are no introductions or feelings needed lol as he is so strong and beautiful that there is truly no mistaking his words for another. When I begin to connect with a loved one in heaven, after I establish whether they are male or female and the age range they are in, I begin to ask them questions in my head just as you would think a thought, as this is how I communicate with them back and forth. You see, they do not have bodies in heaven with vocal chords and lungs to create voices. They speak with their souls in Heaven with no words needed out loud. To hear their voice would be annoying to the ear as it is in such a high pitched frequency that I am grateful that it comes over to me in a thought process. When I communicate with them, it is not an out loud voice in my ear, but rather more like a thought that goes back and forth between your loved one and I. As I do this, I have to separate what it is that I am thinking from what it is that they are sending back to me.

I will then ask them to tell me how they passed from this life to Heaven. At this point, they will begin to give me indications on my own body as to how they passed. For example, I may have a heavy chest and labored breathing for someone who passed from Lung Cancer and they may give me the thought process of cancer with this to tell me that they were sick with cancer at the end of their life. They may give me a sharp pain in my head and make me point to myself over and over as I pat my chest because I am taking responsibility for taking my life with a gunshot to the head. I may feel as though my right leg has something wrong with it and when I ask the client about their loved one’s right leg, they may tell me that it was amputated or had given them trouble in life. I could go on and on with the different passings and indications I receive, but, you get the jest.

Once I establish who it is that is coming through and how it is that they passed, they then replace my thoughts, feelings, and emotions with their own. I will see pictures and images within my mind’s eye that support what it is that they are trying to say to a loved one. They will give me specific information about themselves or about the loved one that I am speaking to so that they will know without a doubt that this is their loved one in Heaven because no one would have otherwise known that information. I have symbols that I have created within my mind that make it easier for them to tell me things, such as, if they show me a birthday cake with candles, I know that they are trying to acknowledge a birthday. If they show me the Beaches of Normandy, I know they were in WWII and there are many more symbols I have created to make the process for them and I easier in getting their messages across.

I had a young male in Heaven make me feel as though I was taking a dip of chew out of my mouth and placing it upon his grave during a reading. His Mom told me that his buddies go to his grave and they each take their chew out of their mouths and place it upon his grave when they visit her son as a gesture of love. You see, I didn’t know where to place that information because it truly didn’t mean anything to me, but, it meant the world to his Mom to know that her boy sees how his friends honor him even after his passing. Of course, that is just one example. So, I see pictures and images within my mind’s eye, I receive indications within my body to give me more information about their loved one, I hear their thoughts come across over my thought process, and then there is just a knowledge that is unexplained that comes along with this as well.

I suppose that is why they call me a Psychic/ Medium.

Future Predictions

I do get future predictions, medical information, and much more than just communication with Heaven but I always put it like this… I do not make your future or your obstacles in life my focus. Those are the things we are meant to learn and grow from. Your obstacles and future are the reason that you are here on your spiritual journey.

I will not give any negatives as nothing negative comes from heaven.


I will not hinder the growth of another in this world and I will not make your future predictions my focus. It is a pact that I made with Heaven when I began this journey and I will not break that pact. There are some things that a psychic should ethically keep to themselves and for me, this is one of them.

I also get medical indications for people as well from Heaven, but again, I use my Ethics when information about a medical condition for someone comes through. It is not part of my spiritual journey to interfere with someone’s path. If I feel that I should recommend blood work or a Dr visit for someone I will, but, I am surely not going to walk up to a stranger and say, “Hey, your liver is shot, sorry”….. I have had a strong team of Angels and Spirit Guides that have supported my journey in life and my communication with them is the same as any other spirit as we do it thorough thoughts and emotions. I just know them as they communicate with me because they have been with me my whole life.

When God or Jesus wants their presence to be known in my life, I assure you that they make it beautifully known. I will never forget hearing God’s Voice as I began sharing my Abilities with the public. I was driving home from work and I was looking for guidance as to how far I should try to share my abilities with the world. You see, there are many psychic/mediums in this world that never share their abilities or keep them within a close circle. It is not easy to put yourself out there in a world where this ability is still somewhat Taboo. I had to get to a point in my life where I felt as though my Guides and God had given me enough information about Heaven that I could answer any question thrown my way and support any spiritual obstacle that was in front of me.

Strength In Understanding

There is strength in understanding your abilities and I now understood that I could Heal the world one person at a time and I had set my signs on giving it a good try. It was short and Sweet when God spoke to me as I began this journey and he said, “I Am Sending You Abundance”.

I remember breaking down in tears as I heard these words as I drove down the street.

“Abundance” Do you know what that means?

Abundance didn’t mean Money or diamond rings and fancy homes. The word “Abundance” stood for the people that God would put in my path for healing. “Abundance” stood for the amount of love and support that God would bless me with as I began to share the Healing that Heaven would offer through me. Through the “Abundance” that God has blessed my path with, I too am Blessed.

I Thank God for this Abundance he has blessed me with Every Day.

Thank you to each and every one of you for joining me on this amazing journey. Thank you for sharing your families with me and allowing me to connect you with your loved ones in Heaven.

I truly love each and every reading that I do.

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