How do I schedule a reading with you?

Please refer to the Appointment Request/Pricing page to schedule an appointment. And just to make it easy on your, here is a button that will take you right there 😉

Do I need to provide you with any personal information beforehand?

Other than your name and contact information for scheduling purposes, NO. Please do not write me before our reading to explain anything about yourself, your history or present situation. If you do tell me the relationship of the loved one that you would like to connect with during your reading, please do not tell me about your loved one and please do not tell me how they passed.

I prefer all of the information to come from your loved one in Heaven through me. The more that you give me in advance can actually inhibit the process of you truly understanding that this connection is truly genuine. You may tell me validations that I would have been able to get from your loved ones in Heaven.

What if I haven’t had anyone close to me pass over? Can I still get a reading?

Absolutely! Oftentimes even people distantly related to you can come through. You may not have known them personally but they are absolutely connected to you. Also, your reading doesn’t necessarily have to be about a loved one coming through. Some people like to have a reading to help them with a life situation or spiritual direction, please know that I do not give future predictions in my readings. I have found that I am able to help people in many ways.

How can I prepare for our reading?

It’s very important to ensure a calm energy and open mind during our connection. Ambient noise or other distractions can take away from this, so find a quiet place for you. Have a list of questions written down for yourself if you would like. I don’t expect you to feed these to me, but if you have them in your sight, chances are they will be answered throughout our reading. If possible, take 5 minutes beforehand to quiet your mind and invite those whom you wish to come through if you would like, but just know that I place this recommendation in here for you because your loved one in Heaven actually helped you to schedule this appointment and they are already waiting for your arrival at our appointment. I will take notes for your during our reading and when the reading is complete, I will take pictures of those notes with my phone and text or attach those not pictures to an email for you.

Names, dates and symbols don’t always make sense the first time you hear them, so it’s important to be able to refer back to what I’ve written down. Plus it is an emotional time for you when I reunite you with your loved ones in Heaven so it is better for you if I do the writing so that you can take it all in. Be sure to save the notes! It isn’t uncommon for certain messages to fully come to pass a year, even two years later and I call those extra kisses from Heaven in the notes.

The most essential thing we need from each other is openness and honesty. Please don’t try to test me or play “Stump the Psychic”. It is neither conducive to our session nor respectful, and the spirits are very sensitive to our behavior and intentions. Use the time we have to let them come through. Trust me, they want to!

Can you guarantee that certain people will come through?

 I always say that “Heaven knows what you need for healing” when it comes to a reading. The first person to come through in your reading may or may not be the one that you intended to hear from. Sometimes a loved one will come through in the beginning simply to send their love, bring needed healing you didn’t know you needed, and then bring others through with them that you did intend to hear from. Although I can never guarantee who will come through during a reading, I can say that I have never done a reading in which the ones we wanted to hear from didn’t come through. I am never sure in advance of a reading who or what information will come through.

Have faith that these validations and messages are what you need to hear at this time in your life.

Will you be able to tell me my future?

Future predictions may come through in a reading from spirit, whether it be your loved ones coming through, or a guide or angel; however, it is not something that I focus on because your future is truly your life’s path and they are your lessons. You should never live your life solely by what comes through in a reading, but rather use the information as a tool to improve your current situation. Many times during a reading, a loved one in Heaven may bring up a life struggle that you have going on at this time as a way of letting you know that you are not walking through those struggles alone.

Your struggles in life are where your strength come from and I made a promise as I began this journey that I would never intentionally hinder anyone’s growth in their life’s path. For this reason, although I am honored to have your loved ones acknowledge specifics that are going on for you, I can never tell you what you should or shouldn’t do with your life.

If you intend to schedule a reading focused on Future Predictions, please know that I am not the Medium for you.

Do you do readings in person? What about group readings?

Yes, I do offer readings in person as well as group readings. Refer to the Schedule a Reading page to schedule your preferred type of reading with me.

1 Hour Phone/ or 1 Hour Skype readings information. My 1 hour phone or Skype sessions are scheduled Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 4pm. I do schedule my final reading at 3pm, which would end at 4pm in Arizona time to ensure that since I have worked all day, even my last reading of the day is vibrant, clear, and filled with love. If you need to rearrange your schedule slightly to fit within my availability, I Thank You in advance for understanding You may have others sit in with you for your one hour phone session, but I do recommend that if you have others sit in with you on any reading that you ensure those that sit with you also intend to hear from the same loved ones in Heaven as you or that they are from the same family dynamic as you. The reason for this is that I would not be in control over who gets more time, love, or messages from Heaven as you add others to your reading. We can not do a group type reading over the phone where a group intends to each hear from separate loved ones because I do not want to have to throw validations up to a group blindly on the phone.I want you to have a direct and specific experience when receiving messages from your loved ones in Heaven. Sneaking someone in to your side for your reading will not benefit you because Heaven will know they are there even if I don’t and their loved ones in Heaven may take over the reading. Hope that makes sense.

1 hour In Home Sessions are available Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am and 4pm.  With my last reading of the day starting at 3 p.m. . Because my schedule is so very full at this time I do schedule all of these one hour in-home sessions at my home in Gilbert, Arizona because I simply don’t have time to travel in between my readings during the day. You may have others sit in with you for your one hour session, but I do recommend that if you have others sit in with you on any 1 hour reading that you ensure those that sit with you also intend to hear from the same loved ones in Heaven as you or that they are from the same family dynamic as you. The reason for this is that I would not be in control over who gets more time, love, or messages from Heaven as you add others to your reading. They may also have their loved ones chime in as well, so inviting the neighbor for moral support is not suggested ha ha.

3 hour in home sessions are available 7 days a week depending on my personal schedule of course. I do schedule my 3 hour groups on weekdays anytime during the day and as late as a 6pm to 9pm timeframe as I do understand that people have work schedules within a group environment that we need to consider. If scheduling on a weekend, please know that the wait will be longer, so weekdays are suggested, but I typically try to schedule 3 hour sessions on weekends from 10am to 1pm on a Saturday or Sunday to leave time for family after my reading is complete. These sessions would be scheduled in your home or office and I do ask that the traveling radius for your home or office is within around 20 miles of me in Gilbert, Arizona. There is not a limit to the amount of guests that you will have attend a 3 hour group type session as I do understand that many times clients with share the cost for this session amongst a group. I do have to suggest that you keep your group size limited to 10 people or less when scheduling a 3 hour session. The reason I ask that you limit your group size to 10 people Is that I can ensure that I will get to all 10 people in that 3 hour timeframe of your reading. If your group size is larger than 10 people, please know that I may not get to everyone in that 3 hour time frame, but they will enjoy watching others receive messages from Heaven. Honestly the smaller the group size the better because it gives everyone in that group more time with the connections they receive. I typically like to arrive about 30 minutes early for these groups so that everyone is settled and we may start right on time. It will take all 3 hours to get to 10 people so please ensure your guests know that we will need to start and end the reading right on time. It is always best if your guests arrive 30 minutes early as well.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule an appointment?

 All Appointments are prepaid and nonrefundable. If you schedule and pay for a reading, but fail to show up for your reading without 24 hours notice, please know that you will not be rescheduled or refunded for your reading because of the time that was set aside for your appointment time. If you are unable to keep your appointment day and time, I do require a minimum of 24 hours notice and you will only be allowed to reschedule a total of 1 time before your reading is cancelled and nonrefunded as I am setting aside paid time slots for your appointment within my schedule.

Can you connect with pets?

Many people have messaged me over time with questions about connecting with their pets in heaven for them. The answer for that question is I can absolutely connect with your pets just as beautifully as I connect with your human loved ones in heaven. If you would like to schedule a reading to connect with your pets we can absolutely do that and the pricing would be the same either way. They come through with the same amazing strength of spirit and love during a reading with validations that typically only you would know about them. They may also come through during a reading with your loved ones as well.

Is there a certain amount of time I should wait before I schedule a reading after a loved one passes?

  The timing for a reading is truly up to you and your heart.  There is no sense of time in heaven since heaven’s timing is eternal. For that reason, you honestly don’t have to wait to schedule a reading and I’ve actually done reading the same day that a loved one passes. If anyone has ever told you that your loved one can’t be reached because there hasn’t been enough time since they’re passing then they probably weren’t a true and honest medium. Your loved ones want nothing more than for you to know that they are absolutely in heaven and loving and watching over you every moment. They are always available and they actually brought you here to my page. When you feel the time is right for you it is because they pushed you to that moment for your Healing. 

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