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Is there life after Death?

Can my loved ones hear me? Are my loved ones watching over me after they pass? Can my loved ones see me after they pass?

It is only human to ask these questions and so many more when a loved one passes to Heaven. As a Psychic Medium, it is my life’s mission to answer these questions with validations, evidential information, and beautiful messages from your loved ones in Heaven.

I spend my days making connections with Heaven to bring healing and understanding back into your life after a loved one passes to Heaven. Please know that I hold my Ethics in high regard when it comes to sharing your loved ones in Heaven with you. I truly understand that this is a sensitive subject and I hold that knowledge near and dear to my heart.

“My Goal Is That You Can Begin To See The World In Color”

Hi Fara,

Thank you so much for the reading. There were so many validations that we are still wrapping our brains around. This will definitely help in our healing process and know that he is always around us.

Thank you,

John and Pauline

Hi Fara,

Thanks again for meeting with us and connecting us with Christina. Prior to the reading my wish was that it would provide comfort to my children, Austin and Kylie. It did, and beyond my expectations! They were hurting and this has been the only thing that has helped. Just know you have made a positive difference that will span their entire lifetime. I am forever greatful! This has helped everyone in attendance, myself included. I will be seeking your services in the future, when I feel it would be good for us to reconnect with Christina.



Hi Fara,

Thank you for your reading today.  Skeptic no more!!  I knew she was with us, but not to the degree that you showed us.  I am typically a closed off person, which is why I was skeptical, but happy to have a new perspective after your reading.  You gave us some clarity to things we had some doubt about and brought smiles to our faces and hearts.

Thank you again

Jason Sanderson

An Honest Reading

When you have an honest reading with a true Medium, it should feel as though you are spending time with your loved one in Heaven during that reading.

Their personality stays very much in tact and I am not one to filter their amazing personality as I bring their messages of love through for you. My goal is that you can begin to see the world in color again after your reading, as grief has a way to cloud our view to black and white.

I look forward to the opportunity to meet your family, friends, and loved ones in Heaven as I share their love with you.

Messages From Heaven

To request an appointment, please fill out an Appointment Request Form. You will be contacted via email just as soon as your request has been reviewed to set a date and time for your reading.

Payment is due in full when we pick a time and date for your appointment so that we may lock in that date and time for your scheduled reading.

Once payment is received, I will message you with my contact information to call or skype me at the time of your scheduled reading.

Please be prompt when calling at your appointed time to ensure a full session, as there may be other clients scheduled after you.

Requst An Appointment

Through the Eyes of Psychic Medium

All my books are available now on Amazon!

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Looking Into The Windows of Heaven is a book that takes it’s reader behind the physical world and gives a peek into the Spirit World through my eyes as a Psychic Medium. Why do we live a life? What is involved in planning a life? What happens if we commit suicide in our lifetime? Where is Heaven? I will answer some of the difficult questions that people tend to live with after the loss of a loved one. Enjoy your Healing Journey through this book.

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May you find Faith within the pages of this book that you didn’t even know that you needed within your soul. My first book, “Looking Into The Windows Of Heaven”, has brought amazing healing and knowledge into the lives of those who have read it. This, my second book, Heaven Is Within Us, is intended to answer some of the questions you may have about Heaven. In these readings, there has been faith and healing restored in the lives of the families on the receiving end of the validations that came through for them from Heaven. There is also a chapter of poetry that is written by me and inspired by Heaven.

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You are about to begin an amazing journey within your life’s path. I want to guide you to places within yourself that you never knew existed. I want to teach you that you can speak with your soul. You will discover abilities within your soul that you had always hoped were there. Your soul knows the journey that you are about to take. Your soul knows exactly how to get to the destination you will reach. I want you to trust in yourself. This book did not make its way into your hands by chance. You are reading this book because you are meant to read every word.

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